First Photos of the Moon From Chinese Probe

Somebody’d better get their ass in gear, or all our lead filled toys are going to be made on the Moon.

Hmmmph. I’ll be impressed when the Chinese get photos of the far side of the moon!

Man, that’s incredible. I wonder how long it will be before the US will have the technology to take pictures of the lunar surface?

That would really be impressive if they’d done it in, say, 1959. :slight_smile:

For Chrissakes, photograph the old Apollo hardware!!!

I can’t wait until next year when that other probe is supposed to do it!

I don’t buy it, the shadows are all wrong…

Assuming the Chinese didn’t have unfortunate smudges where the Apollo sites are, that pic covers 480km x 280km. The landers…err, alleged landers…would probably not be recognizeable at this resolution. That’s not to say that the pic shown isn’t a compressed version of a much higher resolution image that would be able to discern the landers…err, alleged landers…if not for some unfortunate smudges.

China sent a probe to Arizona?

Wow, I hadn’t remembered that the USSR had aimed Luna 1 at the moon, and missed. Oops. And talk about making lemonade out of lemons:

Is it just me or does this imply that there is only one heliocentric orbit? I thought all things that orbit the Sun had heliocentric orbits.

Suppose the Chinese decide to save some money, and do their moon landing in a studion (or the Gobi desert). Will we have a big debate about this on the SDMB?

I’m guessing the reference to “the mankind” indicates that the writer was not well of speaking the English.

All you naysayers can just blow it out Uranus.

The important question that the Chinese are trying to solve is whether you can see the Great Wall from the Moon.

Nope. Asked and answered.

Thanks for that link. They say

. Obviously, they don’t read the Straight Dope. I’ve antedated that one some time ago. And now that I go looking for it, it’s been “archived.” :slight_smile:

But there were reports as early as the teens that this was visible. Of course, it wasn’t.

You can see the Moon from the Great Wall. Well, duh.

I’m sure the folks in Detroit said something similar when they noticed the first Japanese cars being sold in the States.

Sorry if this is a bit too MPSIMS, but I keep reading the thread title as:

First Photos from the Moon Cheese Probe

An interesting and witty retort shall follow. :slight_smile:

I think an important point that we should take on board is that the Chinese dont appear to suffer from the same constraints that the West does.

U.S. manned space exploration has been proceeding at a snails pace because N.A.S.A. is desperately trying to proceed in as risk free a manner as is possible,partly out of genuine compassion(though I suspect that many U.S. astronauts would actually be willing to take more risks then they do now if given the option) …but also high profile deaths on prime time T.V. can be the kiss of death to funding and turn the public away from manned spaceflight generally.

And when that happens your average politician will steer away.

But the Chinese aren’t so squeamish about losing people,especially in a high risk enviroment like space exploration so that though they are years behind western space expertise at the moment it wont take them long to catch up and even overtake U.S. manned space achievments.

It could be that Chinas interest in space could be a purely scientific one occasioned by the philantrophic desire to promote the advance of human knowledge .

Or of course it could be for more venal reasons.

As the saying goes “Possession is nine parts of the law”.