Chinese scale helicopters

It’s a 900x700m scale model of a mountainous landscape. Some Google Earth dude with WAY too much time on his hands found that it was a match with a disputed area on the Chinese/Indian border.

Amazing level of detail.

That’s really weird. I can’t imagine what they’re doing with it…


Prior to the current state of multimedia, one way that realistic flight simularion was done was to have a large diarama (the one I saw at the UAL training center in denver was on a big wall) and “fly” a camera over it with a servo system.

Or maybe if you wanted to train remotely operated tank drivers using small models?

It’s hard to imagine why they would do this when a computer simulation would be so much more flexible.

It’s hard to imagine it being used for a flight sim. All the installations like that I’ve ever seen are much, much smaller. And you’d need to have some rig to move the camera around remotely. I can’t imagine how you’d do that on a model that size.

On the other hand the radio-controlled tank sim idea has merit. I can imagine staging a big wargame on a map like this.