!@#$% Chinese tourist vandals

About two months after a Chinese tourist vandalized an Ancient Egyptian temple, another Chinese person has been arrested for vandalizing two chapels inside the (Episcopalian) National Cathedral in Washington, DC and may be linked to recent vandalisms of the Luther Place Memorial Church (also in DC), the Lincoln Memorial, and a statue at the Smithsonian.

I’m going to take a brave stance here and say fuck ALL the vandals, not just the Chinese ones.

I’m a progressive, what else can I say?

Used to be that the USA vandals were all you needed. Then the Chinese come along and undercut us.

They should be treated like all vandals should be treated - cut off their hands.

Awww, man - but Urban Struggle is a great song :).

Damned Vandals even sacked Rome, IIRC.

Although, to be fair, it could be said that the Chinese boy was just keeping on with a tradition (carving stuff in old Egyptian structures) spanning more than 2000 years… :stuck_out_tongue:



I know I keep up British tradition on holiday by stealing any statues I like the look of.

If I’ve got time, I’ll subjugate the natives and introduce them to cricket.

The Chinaman is not the issue here, dude.

Step 1: Kill their brother.
Step 2: Invade Hippo.
Step 3: They all turn into Goths.
Step 4: Profit.

You can even take the good ones and invade iran with them, so there’s that.

Damned decent of you, Old Boy!

After reading the article, it sounds like the “Chinese tourist” in this new case of vandalism is probably mentally disturbed.

Or is someone just outsourcing to China? :dubious:

Now you’ve crossed the line, Buster!