Chip Davis: are you outa your mind?

Casting about for seasonal concerts, I spotted Manheim Steamroller having a concert right here in Portland. Called for tickets, only to find out the cheapest were in the $200 range and orchestra seats are going for $500. Uh…Chip? You guys were all the rage, but it was 20 years ago, dude. I’ll be enjoying the CDs instead of a live performance, and that $500 will go to a gas grill. Sheesh.

I am sure after 20 years they have a pretty good idea of what folks are willing to pay.

Well, they missed the boat with me, for sure.

The wife and daughters are going to an MS concert in Independence MO this Thursday. Ticket prices around $55.

Looks like the ticket price goes up as he travels away from Omaha.

It’s amazing to me in this economy that the concert here is nearly sold out.

$200??? That’s insane pricing.