What performer would you pay $200/ticket to see?

Inspired by this thread – are there any artists you’d pay $200/ticket to see? What about if you were buying tickets for yourself and a SO or date? Who’s worth that much money to you?

I really can’t think of anyone I like that much. I do go see my husband Derek Trucks once a year, but I think the highest I’ve paid for a pair of tickets was around $120 – and they were killer tickets, smack dab in the middle of the front row.

I’d pay that much to see The Rolling Stones. Provided they were good seats.

SRV. Except that he’s dead.
Hendrix. Same problem.
GnR. Except they’re long gone(Axl and a bunch of scabs don’t count).

So… no one I guess. $200 is a lot of scratch these days.

If you count sports I’ve paid that and more when the bulls were hot to sit courtside and watch Jordan work some freakin’ magic. Worth every penny.

Bob Seger

I was ill when he toured a few years ago and couldn’t go. That was his first tour in 15 years. I’m not sure there will ever be another chance to see him.

For me, there’s no one that rocks like Bob Seger.

I’ve paid that much for sporting events - baseball and hockey playoffs. I can’t think of any (living) musical artist or group that I would pay that much for.

BJ Penn.

Honestly, the only band I’ve made a special trip out to see over the years is Clutch. And those run $30 at most, usually half that.

As the OP of the original thread I’m still contemplating S&G. But I think Paul McCartney would fall into the same category. He does a lot of Beatles stuff now and obviously that’s as close as I’ll ever get to seeing the Beatles at this point. I can honestly see myself getting very choked up hearing a live performance of “Yesterday” by the original singer: same with “Scarborough Fair” or “Sounds of Silence.”

Radiohead. I’m a fanboy…what can I say?

-Tom Waits, dinner show style, preferably :wink:
-Richard Thompson
-The Seatbelts, I think.
-Maybe Eric Clapton.

That doesn’t mean I’d pay 200 bucks to see them anytime they came around. I’d be happy to see each one once, I think. And I’ve never seen any of them live.

I’d pay 200 bucks to a time-traveller to go back 20 years and tell my then-self 'Yes, SRV comes to Oregon 2-3 times a year, BUT…don’t ‘wait til the next time’, 'cause there ain’t gonna be one. >.<

I don’t know if the Blues Travellers still tour or whatnot, but I’d still like to see them, too. A nice, long party.

There are very few performers that I think are worth those kind of ticket prices any more, but within the past 18 months or so I have paid that much to see:
Eagles- completely worth it, but I wouldn’t pay that much again. Now that I have seen them live (a few times) that is enough.
Cheap Trick/Poison/Def Leppard- probably worth it considering the costs if I had gone to three separate concerts. All of them were very good, we had great seats, and it was an anniversary present for my husband. I got a really cute pink, Poison t-shirt so it was all good. :wink:
Brad Garrett (in Las Vegas)- so totally not worth it! I was looking for a show to go to with a name I knew and liked enough, and bought tickets at the Mirage just hours before showtime so it was probably a bad way to do it anyway. I still like Brad Garrett as an actor, but I had no idea how totally racist and just mean he is. I would never pay to see him again.

I honestly cannot think of anyone I would pay $200/ticket to see any more. I’ve done it, felt ripped off mostly, had to scrimp and save to do it (or make up for it) a time or two and have learned my lesson, I am just an old fuddy-duddy now and would just as soon see the performances on TV or DVD where I can have a better view in a far comfier environment and never have to get out of my jammies. :slight_smile:

I might for Garth Brooks, once. It would have been better if I could have seen Chris LeDoux open for him.

I’m not sure quite how much I’d pay to see Weird Al in concert, but it would be a lot. . .

Oooh yeah, good point…

aww hell, add him to the list. Costs more than that for all his albums, anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Kate Bush. She’s only toured the once, in 1979, so she could get anything she wanted if she suddenly decided to tour.

Steely Dan; Elton John; George Michael, if performed the album Older; Fourplay; Kylie Minogue; Van Morrison; Imelda May and her band (listen to this, you won’t be sorry)- even better if Jeff Beck joins in, which, being a fan, he often does.

ETA: Check out David Gilmour and Jeff Beck being introduced by Jools Holland at the beginning of the first Imelda May link.

A single artist? No one. I paid $80 for two tickets to Ani DiFranco this past Saturday and that’s about the limit of what I’ll pay for a non-festival event.

To echo Starving Artist, Steely Dan for sure. Other than that, probably only the Icelandic group Sigur Ros. I’m pretty sure I found god the first time I saw them, and I’d like to repeat the experience.

For Clapton, save your money and buy a DVD.