Chipmunk in the garage--any advice?

A chipmunk got into our garage today, and it’s now hiding under some shelves. I left both doors open and put some sunflower seeds next to the closest one, hoping it would lure it out, but so far nothing. Any advice, preferably that doesn’t involve harming the chipmunk, calling a professional, burning down the house, etc., is welcome!

Sunflower seeds, good idea. Have you tried banging on the outside walls, making some noise?

If he’s been getting a lot of attention from the humans, he might be afraid to leave until later, when things calm down. I wouldn’t leave the garage open all night though, he might invite his friends.

Call Dave and tell him to get Alvin out of your garage.

Tucker you beat me to it, but here it goes.

Get some instruments and you can have a garage band. You can name them something like… I don’t know the Chipmunks.

Now if you can find a Partridge Family, or some Monkeys, you can get a good share of the teen market. You’ll need to stay clear of Pussycats, because they fight with the other Animals, and upset the Birds. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been gardening, so there was lots of noise and activity in there. We’ll leave him alone for a while and see if that does the trick. Thanks, Auntie Pam!

Unfortunately, while brilliant, the band idea just won’t work. The chipmunk and I have a troubled relationship as it is, and I think we’d have creative differences that we just wouldn’t be able to resolve. He’s a passive-aggressive little bastard, that one.

I think leaving him alone is the ticket – and not just because of your creative differences. What he wants is to get those sunflower seeds he’s crammed into his cheeks back to his burrow. That grasping SOB! You give and you give and you give. It’s never enough.

Um. What about if we catapult him into the next county?

That, and he won’t leave my strawberries alone. If he were eating them that would be bad enough, but no. He takes a bite or two and then leaves it on the ground. Or he rips them off the plant when they’re still green and–again–leaves them on the ground for me to find.

LOUNE, I think you have the right idea. But then, the cats would miss him…

Well. Then give me the strawberries…and um…I’ll catapult him into the next county?

crosses fingers for some strawberries

Set the garage on fire. Chipmunks hate fire, and will leave if their habitat is burning.

A have a heart trap and a trip to some nice chipmunkey place.

Ooh. I am reminded of an ancient African chipmunk removal technique. Get a wild lion into the garage. The chipmunk will come out and play with the lion. Then, remove lion and the chipmunk will follow.


I was thinking Manhattan, Kansas.

I can give you an idea how not to do it – take a listen to “Squirrel Cop” from this episode of This American Life. – the story is about 19 minutes in.

Chippy will have to watch out for those insipid Wildcats!
GO OU !!!

I found a website that recommended coyote urine. So if you could just get your coyote to pee in the garage . . .

Wow, so many good ideas. Thanks everyone!

I was going to grab a specimen cup and go out looking for a coyote, but I think the chipmunk is back outside. The sunflower seeds in the garage are still untouched, and after this much time I think he’d have eaten at least some of them. Either that or he died of fright and in two or three days the garage will stink and we’ll be hauling everything out so we can find the carcass.

LOUNE, I’ll do my best on those strawberries, but I don’t know if our little reticulated friend will leave any. Could I interest you in some zucchini instead?

I think finding a stray cat to pee on everything is more workable.

I’m sure the chipmunk had to pop on out to answer nature’s call.

Were you the one that posted about squirrel problems a couple weeks ago?

No, that would be the lovely and talented Airman Doors. Still no news on the squirrel; for all we know, he’s gone. However, due to the rain and all, the grass hasn’t been cut, so maybe he’s still there. One never knows, do one?