Chirac Iraq Connection?

A buddy of mine and I were talking and he mentioned that he heard that one of the folks who brokered the deal between France and Iraq which got Iraq the nuclear reactor (and high grade uranium) was none other than the current President of France. Is this true? If so, what happened to the uranium from the reactor? Did it all get blown up when the Israeli’s bombed the reactor or was it confiscated by the UN inspectors at some point?

This was mentioned on Rush Limbaugh today, he had a cite but I can’t remember it. He also said Chirac was fascinated by Saddam (quoting Chirac) and that Saddam visited with Chirac when he was Mayor of Paris in ~1975. I’d be interested in reading the cite if anyone can find it.

Ok I found a link here from but don’t have time to read it, it’s late (someone summarize it and validate it)! Evidently the source is

The article is too complicated to fairly condense, but here are two quotes that might get you interested enough to read the article.


There is nothing in the article that indicates that Chirac has done anything at all underhanded, illegal, etc. in regard to Iraq. We will never know, unless if and when Saddam is overthrown, inspectors start looking around and some additional information surfaces concerning Chirac’s connection to Saddam.

It is also a good idea to note that France’s larger petroleum companies have negotiated some very lucrative deals with Iraq. A regime change would probably nix that deal.

One is tempted to rearrange the words “kettle”, “black” and “pot” here given the nexus of power connections between the US, their foreign policy objectives and a large number of oppressive regimes around the world. But two wrongs do not make a right of course and there is no doubt the French have their own power games to play.

I would not trust the earlier posters quotations from Iranians or Israelis as necessarily sound on Iraq or those that have dealings with them.

IMHO there is enough empirical evidence to suggest that a dictator/terrorist is simply someone is power who is no longer following orders from the US (and/or their UK lapdogs) - think Hussein when fighting the war versus Iran, think Panama, think Indonesia/East Timor, think Angola/Namibia, think “arch-terrorist” O bin L and other Islamic “fundamentalist” grouping until they stopped fighting the Soviets and turned on governments of secular Islamic states and/or allies of Israel.

This is why so many millions around the world expressed their objection to the proposed illegal war against Iraq (until a second explicit US resolution) and immoral war (post such a resolution - on current evidence). It has nothing to do with wars against terrorism or any axis of evil - it’s power politics pure and simple.

Uh, getting back a little closer to the OP…

Yeah, the ties between Chirac and Saddam seem to be fairly well known and documented, although something of a chill descended at the time of the first Gulf War. The relationship has been reported in outlets as diverse as The National Review and Time.

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Well, once the US goes into Iraq in the next few weeks, then we’ll see how much the French and the Germans have contributed to the Iraqi war machine.

That’s right - stick to cites from that fount of objectivity, rationalism and factual accuracy, Rush Limbaugh!