Chocolate Cake

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake? Andy Warhol would be laughing in his grave!

Polite thing to do is wonder aloud whether this qualifies as chocolate cake if yellow, and ask for more to continue investigations.

So, here’s another question.

Why is this called Boston Creme pie? It’s a yellow cake with creme filling. :yum:

First of all, a person who gives you any kind of cake is your friend.

More to the point; if someone did what the OP mentioned I wouldn’t think them a liar. Instead I’d think:

“…well, I guess. Sorta… Where you from, anyway?”

No way. That’s a cake too far. Especially since chances are, those mini chocolate chips taste like pencil shavings. Or carob, even if they’re nominally “chocolate”.

I still remember liking a childhood story about a kid whose mother wanted to make him a birthday cake. They discussed maybe a hundred different combinations of cake and icing, agreed they all sounded yummy, couldn’t decide and ended up with some fantastic combination of all of them. It doesn’t beat Harry Potter for being famous among magicians, or whatever, but it is hard not to like.

“Or maybe a lemon pound cake with white chocolate marshmallow macadamia icing?”
“That also sounds scrumptious…”