chocolate syrup storage

Ah, the eternal debate–Or at least it seemed eternal when we had it, back in college, myself and 3 roommates, equally divided on the answer.

Do you keep chocolate syrup (e.g. Hershey’s) in the fridge or in the cabinet? Two of the roommates contended that one should put it in the fridge, because the label said so, and if you didn’t, you might get sick, or it might go bad or something. I (to the agreement of one roommate) replied that I have always kept it in the cabinet and have never had any problems. Besides, putting it in the fridge makes it too thick and gelatinous, I find.

I do believe this is the stupidest question I’ve asked anyone in a while, but I was just reminded of it as I made a glass of chocolate milk.

Everyone knows you put the plastic jug thingy in the fridge and the can with the yellow lid in the cupboard. Sheesh!

What does it say on the can? I keep mine if the fridge otherwise I simply end up drinking it out of the can because I am too lazy to walk to the store to buy chocolate…And I am too lazy to go downstairs & check the label…

I got a huge sugar rush just reading that. Hersey’s syrup drank right out of the can? You are definately a chocoholic.

oh…yes I am at times…And my kids really dislike when I drink it out of the can…But I don’t drink all of it! Just some…I also like to eat that gross Redi-Whip whipping cream…You shake it & squirt some in your mouth…Its so much fun being a grown-up…And I drink milk from the carton…Man, I have some disgusting habits…

I keep my smallish container of chocolate syrup (which gets used up in about a month) in the refrigerator. My mother-in-law keeps her gallon jug of it (which takes her about 4 months to use) in the cupboard. No one’s gotten sick yet.

How about ketchup?

I keep it in the cabinet. No reason not to, and I don’t like how thick it is when kept in the fridge…too hard to mix in milk.


Well, I put it in the fridge after I open it, not that it lasts very long there; I used to drink it straight from the can.

vanilla, another one! i am not alone! internet legend…ketchup? in the fridge if it’s open…

Definitely the fridge. It just seems too runny from the cabinet. Then again, I like most chocolate frozen. Thin Mint GS cookies, Reese’s PB cups, etc…

I keep both chocolate syrup and ketchup in the fridge. When the volume of syrup results in a long wait for pour time, I zap it for a few seconds. The stuff you DON’T want to store in the fridge is the hard shell topping.

Ah, a kindred spirit. For me, nothing beats a Dove dark chocolate (or any dark chocolate) followed with a big shot of Reddi Wip. Sometimes Mrs. Wolf yells at me for dogging the Reddi Wip, so if she’s out of the room but within earshot, it’s like “Cough, cough” (spritz). Makes me feel like a little kid sneaking it without Mommy busting me. Of course, I also enjoy huffin’ the nitrous after the whipped cream is gone :slight_smile:

Chocolate syrup can be safely stored in a closet if you like, since it’s mostly corn syrup anyway.

Chocolate syrup goes in the fridge upside down. That way you can always get that last little bit of chocolatey goodness when you crave it at 1:00am and you forgot to get some at the store. The drawback is you have to wedge it between other condiments because otherwise it falls over whenever you open the door to the fridge. It stays in the fridge because I like my chocolate milk ice-cold, and I don’t want any room temperature chocolate warming the milk prematurely.

Ketchup goes in the fridge because it gets vinegary after a couple of weeks if it isn’t kept refrigerated.

Pouring it on my hand and licking it off was okay too (why are you all looking at me like that?)…
Actually, I now prefer the powdered kind.

I’m actually not huge on chocolate, so I don’t have this problem. :slight_smile:

well, cool as cucumber…you are lucky! its an awful afflication to have…sn-man…i like frrozen choco too…and m&ms thrown in a bag of popcorn…have to eat it that way at b.ball games/f.ball games…good!

Cumber: right, and you also like fruitcake? :wink:

The 16-oz. jar of one of Brooklyn’s finest culinary creations, Fox’s U-Bet Syrup, goes in the cupboard. And it usually takes us at least eight months to consume it.

Ketchup and chocolate go in the fridge at casa de Delta-9.

Uke, thanks yet again for setting things straight. Fox’s U-Bet is the only way to go. Squeeze bottles and plastic-lid cans? Please! Pretty soon you guys will be singing the paraises of Ovaltine.

Jeez, people, get it together.