I can go for a run or I can read the boards, watch TV and maybe get a little something to eat.

I say you go for the run, then come home, shower, and THEN read the boards / watch TV / eat. :slight_smile:

Nooooo! That involves doing stuff.

grumble grumble <Changes into running clothes>

Now what choice do you need me to help you with (after I get back from my run)?

I need you to recommend a sleeping aid/pill because I am on the east coast and still cant sleep.

or you could sing me a lullaby

or I could count sheep

Gosh! It’s 4:10am there! Well my mum uses a herbal one called Sound-A-Sleep. It is Valerian with “complimentary herbs”.

Or you could ring up someone really boring. I have this one friend who always puts me to sleep.

Ah thanks, I did eventually fall asleep. I read a straight dope book and fell asleep to the explanation of why ppl tap their cig packs.

Prop your TV up by the computer, log onto the SDMB, order a pizza, and when the person rings the doorbell to deliver it, run to the door! Problem solved!