Cholesterol doesn’t add up – Why?

My recent cholesterol readings:

Total 194

HDL 80

LDL 101
So why don’t the HDL and LDL sum to the total? What are the other components of the Total reading>

MDL (medium density lipoprotein).
…and curse you for having HDL of 80.

Actually it’s very low density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL). I have never heard of medium density. And VLDL is the worst type.

I think that you have to add in 20% of your tri-glycerides.

That makes sense. My total cholesterol is 202, and I couldn’t figure how that added up from:

33 HDL

48 Trig.

159 LDL
So, 159+33=192, + 9.6 (20% of 48)=201.6

Now, what’s this TC/HDL amount? Mine is 6.0

While the <>200 total cholesterol is a good rule of thumb, most doctors that I’ve spoken to believe that the ratio of TC/HDL is more important. In your case, your total cholesterol is borderline, but your ratio is way too high. Go see your doctor and ask him/her if you should be concerned.