Please help me with these "new" cholesterol numbers

(In General Questions, because I am hoping the answer just involves math.)

I keep a spreadsheet charting my lipid profile over the years. Among other things I track, I watch HDL, LDL, and VLDL (all mg/dL).

Just got my most recent lab results, and I guess we are going to a new system. (I am aware that as time goes on, it is possible/cost effective to test for new/different things, and that the health industry changes its emphasis on what is important.)

Are any of the values below convertible to the HDL/LDL/VLDL system with which I am more familiar?
LDL-P 1022 nmol/L
LDL-C 106 mg/dL
HDL-P (Total) 32.7 umol/L
Small LDL-P < 90
LP-IR Score < 25
HDL-C 73 mg/dL

Thank you.

Here is a chart that tells what the ideal levels are for each of the tests, in both the conventional scale and the lipid fractions scale

Thanks jtur88. I do have access to the reference ranges, although I wasn’t given an interpretation, which is somewhat helpful.

But I’m still confused. In the sample you link to, the result (under Basic Lipid Evaluations) reads “HDL-C, Direct.” The interpretation covers “HDL, Direct.” So I think HDL-C, Direct = HDL, Direct = HDL, is that correct? That suggests that LDL-C = LDL.

Is there any way to derive VLDL from the values I posted?

I guess my problem is that what is presented here as “conventional scale” is not EXACTLY what I am accustomed to seeing.

(I made some fairly large lifestyle changes over the last few months and would really like to be sure I am comparing apples to apples here).