Choose 1 Nice restaurant in Vegas


So I am going to Vegas in March with my GF. I would like to take her to 1 nice restaurant (its about all I could afford) to break up the monotony of all you can eat buffets. By nice I am thinking in the range of $150 to as high as $200 all told (dinner/wine/tip). Is this a reasonable amount to spend in Vegas for nice? It sure is for anywhere I have actually gone, so I am hoping it is. I am looking for recommendations, with cuisine if possible. Thanks.

We really like Olives in the Bellagio. Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Caesar’s Palace gets mixed reviews…we had no problem there and loved the food, but others have differing opinions.

Is there any particular cuisine you are interested in?

As to cuisine, no not really. We like pretty much everything, but if it comes down to seafood and something else chances are I will pick something else. I don’t mind seafood (she quite likes it), but its not my favourite. Really we are open to anything.

Lawry’s is awesome for prime rib. They are located about a block and a half (Vegas blocks) east of the strip on Flamingo. I think they have other things on their menu, but they are known for their prime rib.

A huge change from casino fare (buffet or restaurant), and very nice restaraunt all around.

Presuming the culinary approach of the Vegas branch (which I haven’t been to) is the same as the New York restaurant (which I have), I’ll second this recommendation. Good stuff, and not too horribly overpriced.

(If your $200 budget is per person, then you must go to Robuchon’s place. Tho I suspect the $200 is for both of you.)

We rather enjoyed Mon Ami Gabi, the French cafe-style restaurant in the Paris casino that specialises in steak-frites (I heartily recommend the Bordelaise). Make sure you get a patio seat though - it’s right across the street from the Bellaggio fountains (although the inside looks pretty cosy too, if the fountains aren’t your thing). I think we paid a little less than $150 with a bottle of wine on the cheaper end.

Yes, the $200 is for the both of us, not each. $200 total. Thanks.

If it makes any difference we are staying at the Flamingo.

For the places recommended, reservations required? Any dress code? For the Mon Ami Gabi is it hard to get a patio seat? Is there a better time to go to get one?

Reservations are essential at just about all of the decent restaurants. The dress code is usually casual, but not always. I walked into Olives wearing jeans and a loud Hawaiian shirt, and the only comment I got was the maitre’de saying “Nice shirt!”

If you go to Olives, see if they still have the “Flight of Cognacs” on the dessert menu. Well worth the $65.

For Lawry’s a reservation would be recommended for prime time (no pun intended). If you go early (between 5 and 6 on a weekday), you may not need a reservation.

Vegas is pretty laid back as far as dress code. So I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.

If you’re at the Flamingo, then it would be a nice walk over to Lawry’s (good way to work off the meal on the way back, and much less hassle than trying to drive 1/4 mile).

If you’re just looking for a great experience at a sit-down restaurant and food that’s to die for, my wife and I have one name for you: Battista’s Hole in the Wall. It’s right behind the Flamingo, so you’ll be practically on top of it. Italian food so good it’ll make your favorite local Italian place seem like Spagetti-Os in comparison. It’s not one of those high-falutin’ places, but by God you’ll eat good food and have fun.

Entrees range from just under $20 to $35, wine and after-dinner cappuccino included (and even if you hate cappuccino, you have GOT to try theirs). Also, be sure to tip Gordy, the accordion player.

We stayed at the Flamingo less than a month ago and treated ourselves to a high-class Sunday brunch at Bally’s just a block or so away. It’s called the Sterling Brunch and it had everything, all of it fantastic. The one small drawback was that they table in two restaurants, and if you’re not a gaming VIP, they table you in the adjoining restaurant, which means you have to walk a little farther to the buffet (which is probably for the best anyway). Don’t remember exactly what it cost, but I think it was in that price range.

I have to note, too, that we were really impressed with the quality of the Flamingo restaurants in general. The Jimmy Buffet place had terrific sandwiches, the Italian place near the elevators was also quite good, as was the breakfast place (for some quickie diner food).

No dress code as far as I could tell - older folks were dressed up, but those in their 20’s - 30’s were no smarter than a nice shirt and jeans. If you want a patio seat, reservations are required in person, particularly at night. We reserved an indoor table by phone, but went to the restaurant about 30 minutes early and managed to get a patio table at about the time we were supposed to be seated anyway. That was a Tuesday night, and the hostess said that the wait for patio seating was rarely longer than 45 minutes, even on Friday and Saturday nights. They’re quite happy to let you sit at the bar until your table is available too (and I definitely recommend trying their mojito), which faces out on to the patio, so you still get to watch the fountains while you wait.

Paris is only a short walk away from The Flamingo too, so no taxi needed.

My wife and I loved the food at Fiamma Trattoria & Bar at the MGM Grand. I had the TAGLIATA (Grilled and Sliced Kobe Strip Steak), and it was the best tasting steak I’ve ever had. It was under $200 for both of us, including drinks (wine and cocktails).

There’s always Picasso and La Cirque at the Bellagio, as well. Both are 5 star restaurants.