Choosing Open Office applications (Mac)

I just installed Open Office and I’m confused about how to choose an app. If I hit the icon (there’s just one for the whole suite), then Writer comes up. But how do you choose Calc, etc.?

If I open the appropriate document with the program, the right app opens up. But how to choose to begin with? TYVM!

Bump. I need an answer to this pretty quickly.

It’s under the file menu.
There’s a pop-up menu in there somewhere.

Lousy UI.

NeoOffice puts it in the NeoOffice Menu (not sure what this is called - the “app menu” - it’s where the Prefs and About box are found).

But if OpenOffice doesn’t do that, you should be able to do File->New->(spreadsheet, database, etc.). That’s based on NeoOffice as well, but I’m betting that bit of UI is the same.

I use StarOffice, but that is a spinoff of OO. Select File->New-> and all the applications you can open will be there. You can do a File-> Open for a Calc file inside of Writer and it will start up the right application also.

ETA: I use both the Solaris and Windows versions, but I’m sure the Mac version works the same way.

Idle question … isn’t it the other way 'round? I know the OOo BASIC refers to the StarOffice BASIC as the ‘original’.