OpenOffice Question

I just started using OpenOffice, specifically the ‘excel’ program, Calc I think it’s called. I have two questions.
First, is there away to get it to print the “Active Sheet” rather then they whole workbook? This is particularly important since my crew keeps printing out the entire 73 page workbook instead of the one or two page sheet they want.

Second, is it just my imagination or do OpenOffice Calc and Excel not play nice with each other? They do seem to work together, but things get ungodly slow and there’s weird pop ups (not junk, asking about macros, if it should save the changes even when there are none and the like) that they don’t know how to answer.

Any help?

In the print dialogue box, select “options” then check the “print only selected sheets” box. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to remember these options so you need to check it each time.

On the particular spreadsheet that I am experimenting on, it also works if I select “selection” under the “print range” heading rather than “all” or “pages” (though I don’t have anything selected, it seems to print the current sheet as a default selection.)

The only trouble I’ve had between Excel and Calc is that opening a document in one, that has been saved in the other, screws with the print settings (such as changing the printing layout for various sheets.)


Well, here’s hoping someone knows of a way to make it remember. The problem is, if print active sheet can’t be made a default (think about excel, if you click the little print icon at the top, it prints ONLY that sheet) then OO won’t work for me. I’ve already had to throw away MANY 73 page workbooks becuase someone didn’t just highlight and print what they wanted. Oh, and to make matters worse, at the moment, it’s being printed on a different printer and if they don’t hear that printer click into action, they keep hitting print :smack: .

That’s odd. I use StarOffice 8, and I never have the print only selected sheet checkbox checked, and it only prints the current sheet. To save paper I usually highlight the region of the Calc sheet I’m interested in, and click Selection, but even when I don’t I only get one sheet. I’ve never had a problem with this down to SO 5.

Do you have multiple sheets selected somehow?

Is StarOffice different the OpenOffice (I’ve never ventured into the world of open source before)?

Star Office was developed by a German company. Sun bought them, and gave the code to as open source (and funded it.) Sun sells a supported version of OO called StarOffice now. There are a few differences, but they’re minor. I get SO at work, but I’ve burned a CD of OO which I give away to people. So, they’re effectively the same code base now, and I’m sure I would have seen your issue in SO.

I looked up your question on the OO FAQ , and they say make sure the print only selected sheet checkmark is checked. is a good resource for questions.

I’ll look into that when I get back to work. Hopefully it does the trick.