Choral piece from "Pearl Harbor"

Can anybody tell me the name of the piece of music played in Pearl Harbor as the Japanese attack comes to an end? It was an orchestral piece with mixed chorus with (I believe) Latin text, and sounded extremely familiar to my ears.

I’ve tried looking up the soundtrack listings on IMDB and Amazon, and haven’t found any promising leads.


I haven’t seen the movie, but the review of the soundtrack at Amazon indicated the battle scene music was composed for the movie (“The action sequences themselves are somewhat subdued (especially by previous Zimmer standards), with “December 7th” even echoing Platoon and Barber’s Adagio for Strings”; Barber’s Adagio would be the piece used in Platoon at the end, as somebody’s crawling through the jungle post-napalm attack).

I guess I’ll have to try going beyond just reading the titles of the track listings at Amazon. Like maybe actually listening to the samples or something.

What caught my ear was the fact that the piece sounded very familiar (though I’d never seen the movie before last night) – I was even tempted to think I’d sung it before at some point in time. It definitely wasn’t Barber’s Adagio…I’d recognize that with both ears tied behind my back.