Music from Amelie

I was recently rewatching the film Amelie, and was struck by a very familiar piece of sombre music. It plays while she is watching her “funeral” on TV. I found a clip of it on YouTube - it starts at about 7:36. Can anyone identify this? I’m sure it’s a common piece, as it is so familiar to me.

I’m not sure of the title, but Yann Tiersen did the music for the movie. The soundtrack is available for purchase.

It’s Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings

Grrrr. Just a fraction too late! :mad: :wink:

And now that I’ve done a little looking, the song appears to be Adagio for Strings composed by Samuel Barber, and doesn’t appear on the soundtrack. Here’s link to the BBC orchestra playing it
And next time I’ll preview. . .

Thanks guys! I didn’t think it was composed specifically for the film, it seemed too familiar to me.

It may be best known for its prominent use in Oliver Stone’s Platoon.