Chris Angel : Mindfreak. Anyone?

I’ve seen this show a few times and I just don’t understand what entertainment value can be had by watching magic on TV. It’s the same problem with David Blaine. It’s all staged and edited to look like he’s really doing a trick and that’s fine, if it’s live in front of your face. But on the show it’s in front of paid/volunteer viewers who swear up and down it’s real etc…

We all know magic isn’t really real and that whatever we are seeing is an illusion anyway, but it is cheapened on TV because I’m not seeing it taking any real skill outside of the editing room. At least if he could do his leviation or any of those tricks in front of me I would be thoroughly impressed, even though I knew it was fake, because of the handwaving and other skills he would have to use in order for me me not to see how he did the trick.

Has anyone seen CA in person and does he put on a good show? The TV show is not fun to watch. I want CA to trick me, not the camera to trick me.

It’s Criss Angel, I think. All I can see is that he comes across incredibly full of himself - he even has his own band playing during over the opening frames of the show.