Chriss Angel - Mindfreak - 7 Jun 06

Anyone watch this show on A&E last night? I flipped to it with a couple of minutes left in the pointless hockey game and my mind was indeed freaked.

First thing I saw: He has a volunteer lay on a park bench. He has two other volunteers grab her hands and feet. He performs some funky ceremony on her abdomen and then tells the other two to pull. Her legs and torso separate in two! The torso falls to the ground and crawls away on arms only!

  1. He lays in a hammock thing and a 4 foot saw blade comes down and cuts him in half! In front of live witnesses on the stage. In fact they are guided to walk in between the swinging, separated portions of his body.

  2. He walks on water across a pool full of witnesses who are free to swim under and around him the whole time.

There were a few other little tricks in there, but holy crap this guy is good. Witnesses were freaking and fainting through some of these.

Here, let me save you the trouble of the rest of this thread…


*Poster *- He’s ok, but he’s not doign anything someone else did 30 years ago, and did better

*Poster 2 *- I saw him levitate. It was awesome.

*Poster *- It’s a basic magic trick, anyone can do it, and besides, he’s using camera edits/mirrors/staged reactions so it’s all totall garbage.

  • Poster 3 *- I don’t care about his magic, he’s super hot.

  • Poster 4*- Cris who? I don’t watch television.

repeat until thread dies


Post 5- thoerizing how he does each trick.

Post 6- lambasting Post 5 for revealing the Holy Secrets Of Magick.

I saw some of the show last night, and if no camera trickery was involved,
it was truly amazing.

Geez, sorry for wasting your time then. I did a quick search and found no other threads with Chriss Angel.

Of course it would help if we ALL spelled his name correctly as Criss Angel.


The only bit oh his I ever saw was on the street in front of a theater he placed himself under a rubbermaid garbage can and invited passers by to beat the thing with hammers and baseball bat and the like. So they do and they beat into a broken mess on the ground… but where did he go? Where did Criss Angel disappear to?

He then appears on top of the theater marque and screams… of course “Miiiinnnndddd freak!”

The thing that struck me as hilarious was that he was clearly breathing hard… like he had run up to the marque and not just magically appeared there.

I won’t speak about any of his other stuff… but I will say I immediately like him mroe than David Blaine.

Many of Criss’s tricks are indeed staged, though they are entertaining. There was a trick last season where he crawled “through” a plate of glass. The explanation was thoroughly disseminated, and did involve stooges.

Me too. You know why? Cause the guy admits they are illusions, is having fun, and doesn’t claim to have super powers.
Unlike Blaine who takes himself waaay too seriously and claims to have special powers and can do super-human feats. Dude, get over yourself.

That smiley on the end was meant to show amusement.

I enjoyed it quite a bit, in fact, but any thread about a modern magician seem to follow the route I (and Don Logan) posted.

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