Chris Christie: "I Was a Law Enforcement Officer." Stolen Valor?

Not fifteen minutes ago on Face The Nation… governor Chris Christie stated emphatically “I Was a Law Enforcement Officer.”

According to every search of his history, he was once a Prosecutor. He has never worn, let alone earned, a badge.

This seems like a clear case of stolen valor… or is that just for pretenders who claim they served in the military?

Maybe he meant to say Law Enforcement Officer of the Court…

I’m guessing that New Jersey classifies prosecutors as LEO. Stretching the actual on-the -ground reality but technically true. (if that is the case)

Burlington County

From here.

Prosecutors are officially considered “law enforcement officers” by the US Government.

As the U.S. Attorney he served as “Chief Federal Law Enforcement Officer in New Jersey from January 17, 2002, to December 1, 2008,” per his Wikipedia page.

So IMO he’s stealing something when he keeps claiming he was appointed the day before the WTC attacks.

From the New Jersey Supreme Court:

Quoting State v. Winne, 96 A.2d 63, 79 (1953).

Is the OP planning to return and concede error?

I’m not a big fan of Christie, but he was indeed a Law Enforcement Officer. All prosecutors are. I would love to see the statement in context, I’ll bet the context further reduces the stolen valor bit.

Does Christie enjoy shoving his face into running chainsaws?

He’s literally correct in a technical sense. Right. Wonderful. If he thinks for a minute that the rest of the GOP field isn’t going to pounce on this and successfully treat it as a case of stolen valor he’s crazier than a shithouse rat. When you have a candidate all but blaming George W. Bush for 9/11, this is just too easy a target.

OTOH, if it isn’t torn into, he’s so irrelevant he might as well concede now. In fact, I’ll just say it: He’s so irrelevant he might as well concede now.

30 years of Law & Order have put prosecutors on an equal footing with the police. This will be a “scandal” only in this thread.

Your logic makes no sense, he did not claim to be an ex-cop or to have but himself in the line of danger on a daily basis. He just said he was a Law Enforcement Officer. No big deal and probably won’t make a blip anywhere else.

What error? The one where he asked if the claim was accurate?

Will you return and admit your error in thinking the OP made an assertion by asking a question?

My error that I concede is not being an attornew nor having access to westlaw. I concede that this minor point which is part of NJ law is not shared by 90% of the state’s in the US, 100% of which “Face The Nation” broadcasts to.

I WILL concede that this tiny loop-hole may just be the single smallest place his fat flabby-ass has ever been jammed through. And that it’s funny that someone who claims to be presidential would twist that techicallity without any thought to public qualification.

FWIW you can find case cites on Google Scholar, which is free. Don’t need Westlaw.

Also, you can get a badge as a prosecutor. Not just in New Jersey.

By way of our good friends at Crooks and Liars

Christie: Black Lives Matters Is ‘Calling For The Murder Of Police Officers’ And Obama 'Encourages It’

And the horse upon in which he rode.

[del]And[/del] With the horse upon in which he rode.

Fixed it for you.

There is absolutely nothing misleading, dishonest, trivializing, self-aggrandizing, or anything else suspect about a prosecutor claiming to be a law enforcement officer. It is simply a statement of fact and a solid fact, not some technicality.

Here’s the transcript.

So sitting in a comfy office is the same as patrolling the streets.

Now that is a statement truly worthy of contempt. This is one more reason why Christie is unfit to be Governor, never mind President.