Chris Hayes meets Jerry Springer...

Chris Hayes had a batshit crazy conservative on hiw show the other day and boy did she have a meltdown.

I find it rather funny that she tried to pull the gender card on ol’ Chris Hayes.

Link (Scroll down for video)

Good on Chris for handling that way classier than I would have.

Apparently, Stefano didn’t appreciate Hayes acting like an asshole when he introduced her. Go figure.

Introducing Stefano as a person who “genuinely wakes up every day and thinks about how to destroy Obamacare,” Hayes

Maybe Hayes was trying to stir up a little controversy to boost his ratings?

I happened to be watching and thought “Jesus, what a bitch!” Let’s assume for a moment that Hayes’ intro wasn’t particularly genteel, there are ways to deal with it besides going full batshit crazy in response. If she had the moral high ground for a moment, she quickly ceded it for a dive in the gutter. “Waaaahhhhhh! He’s picking on a girrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllll!” What a cunt.

I like how liberals, the so called champions of womens rights, love calling conservative women cunts.

So is the claim that he was wrong in saying her primary political agenda is ending Obamacare? Or just that it’s rude to say so out loud?

Hayes attempted to redefine what Stefano’s views actually are and Stefano objected to Hayes’s attempt to do so. Hayes would have a better chance of defining Stefano if he had stuck to preaching to the choir (speaking solo to an MSNBC camera) instead of addressing Stefano in person (in studio?). Hayes let the “interview” get out of hand. I’m sure he’ll do better next time.

So the claim is that her primary political agenda is not ending Obamacare?

He was wrong to call her that.

He should have said “fat cunt” or “freedom-loving cunt.”

I was actually disappointed that Chris introduced her in that way. It’s not a good way to begin a dialogue, in my opinion.

I changed the channel mid interview though, because frankly, I did not think Chris was doing a good job debating her, at least not in the first few minutes that I watched. Shouting matches are not my thing.

Well, it’s hard t debate someone when you can’t even agree on what the facts are. This lady’s version of the “facts” are far removed from reality.

I figured as much, but he didn’t counter the facts, he just changed the question. Or at least that was how it appeared to me. I realize it’s tough to debate with someone like her and I have no doubt I would disagree with her on just about everything, but I just felt irritated instead of educated. I have no idea how far off the mark she was with the numbers she was tossing out.

I like Chris and will continue to watch him. This just wasn’t one of my favorite moments of his show.