Chrisley Knows Best and gaydar

Have you seen the trailers for this new reality show? Now, I don’t plan on watching another reality show about some rich family I’ve never heard of. However, am I the only one who’s gaydar started flashing, dinging and spinning as soon as he was on screen?

Mine goes off so strongly that I assumed it was a fictional show with the character as a closeted (more or less) gay man played for laughs.

I had no idea that it was a reality show until I looked it up.

But yeah, that guy’s on the down low for sure.

This commercial even shows him in the closet :slight_smile:

At first I thought it was a Will Farrell movie.

The son seemed a little light in the loafers too, I thought.

Seems like a horrible family all around. I wanna stick every woman on that show in the POD makeunder thing on the BBC because they look atrocious.

From a People magazine piece on the family, “The Chrisleys made most of their millions through real estate, and their lifestyle is certainly lavish. But Todd is steering the family toward a new venture: fashion. Todd and Julie are planning a department store, Chrisley & Company, and investing a huge chunk of their net worth into the project. Why gamble their gold? ‘I’ve always had an interest in fashion, always loved clothing. I love beautiful things – that’s one of the reasons why I married my wife,’ Todd told PEOPLE. ‘I wanted to be able to build something my children have an interest in that we could work in together.’”

That said, do reality show producers just throw darts at a list of millionaires and decide to do reality shows on the families? First the Kardashians, now these guys.

I’m going to be mean and assume that some television executive stumbled across the family and went, “check out the incredibly obviously gay dude with his deeply in denial family. This is a trainwreck america needs to see.”

I just assumed he was southern.

Not to go all politically correct on your asses, but in the absence of seeing him flirting, making out, or shtupping someone male, all you’ve got to go on is a general cloud of personality attributes and behavioral mannerisms, some of the latter of which may be expressions of the former and not culturally adopted signs or signals.

(And unless you’re a guy and you want a piece of that, why would you care how his antenna quivers?)

Terrible parent?

I saw that clip and it raised so many questions and concerns in me. Why do they have a refrigerated drawer that appears to be nothing but soda? Why are the other two kids simply watching like it’s some sort of performance art piece? Why the hell didn’t Todd simply walk the 10 feet to take the can away from the kid? He can bluster til he’s blue in the face about how he’s in charge and he’s a control freak but when you have a six year old defying their parent that brazenly, you know this is a consequence-free household. It’s kind of a shame.

Good parenting makes poor TV, see also the Child Abuse Show (ie Dance Moms).

When I was six, if my parents said “No soda” I wasn’t getting any soda. There wasn’t a “discussion” about the matter. And if I mouthed off while getting the sodaI might have earned a nice spanking for my troubles.

The other two kids were definitely seeing that there are no consequences for action in that household. I won’t be surprised if the series becomes a hit and then reading that they are arrested for one or more criminal acts.

Yeah, it’s an interesting and fucked up mix, because if you watch the 6 minute commercial, there’s a part where Todd finds out Chase was looking at porn, I think, and tosses Chase’s laptop into the pool which is again, great TV but really shitty parenting and ultimately, if I may get modern sensitive liberal here, damaging for the kid when they never know what will happen if they push a boundary.

To be fair, I didn’t say he was gay. I said he makes my gaydar go off. And no, I certainly don’t want a piece of that…I got a strong gay vibe and actually thought it might be interesting until I realized he was married to a woman and had kids. Then I was just confused.

The show and everyone in it looks horrible to me. Here’s how that scene probably happened:
Producer: OK, here’s one the things we’re going to shoot today. You’re going to find out Chase was looking at porn and then throw his laptop in the pool.
Chrisley: Oh, that sounds hilarious! This is going to be great! Wait, am I really going to throw his laptop in the pool?
Producer: No, it’s just a prop we already have ready.
Chrisley: Fabulous! OK, let’s do this!
Producer: OK guys, lets get ready to roll!

I think my hearing has been compromised, from my gaydar going off like a firehouse alarm. I could draw a Venn diagram, showing where “gay” and “repulsive” overlap.