Chrisley Knows

I stumbled into this before I’d had my coffee this morning. I’ve only seen a few minutes of this, but I’m in complete shock. Haas anybody else watched it?

Here’s a taste of the dysfunction:

  1. Is it just me, or does he totally light up the gaydar?

  2. If I were his child, I’d tell him to stuff his money where the sun don’t shine and go have a life as an individual.

  3. The Mom’s relationship with her youngest son is creepy.


I caught part of an episode of this show at my gym where it was the only alternative to Fox news or ESPN. I thought at first it was a poorly written, badly acted movie.

What kind of person agrees to let a camera crew invade their family? Obviously, this kind… ick.

There was some discussion about the show here:

Some background on Chrisley:
I’ve never been able to bring myself to watch the show because it just looks ridiculous, but I’m not really a fan of reality shows.

I’ve seen a commercial or two for this show, and I decided on the basis of those that this show would be the televised equivalent of herpes, and if I allowed it to get in my eyes and ears, I’d never be truly clean again.