Christian Music Fans: Help Me re: Wayne Watson

I am not a musician, so please forgive me for not using more “musical” terms here.

I’m looking for a copy of The Touch of the Master’s Hand by Wayne Watson. It’s based on a poem by the same name; it’s about how a beat-up old violin serves as a metaphor for the Christian life (you had to be there).

I’ve heard two versions of this song in my life. One is “light” and “airy” and has the perfect minimalist instrumentation for an uplifiting poem.

The other is whiny, dreary and overwrought, like so much Christian music from those days (and these days, for that matter).

I’m looking for the light and airy one. Anyone know which album it’s on?


No idea. Maybe Amazon will have a sample you can listen to?

But I have met Wayne Watson, albeit briefly, about ten or so years ago – he went to a church near mine when I was growing up, and our respective youth groups sometimes did things together. He was a really nice guy.

And when I was a teen bagging groceries at the local supermarket, I had his wife as a customer. I didn’t know until I got out to her vehicle – a van with big speakers stored in the back, each of which had “W.W.” stenciled on the side. Nice lady, decent tipper.