"Christian" publishers are crooks, sky is blue.

Nothing, you lackwit. I was making fun of the SDMB’s aggressive atheists and their special hard-on for American Xianity. I am an atheist of some decades and still find them utterly ridiculous. You’re ridiculous AND stupid.

Not the OP but a main contributor. Moderators. We have left the rails. Feel free to close.
Note to actual post readers. There are more comments and testimonies from Tate employees at the referenced web site. Grim reading.

This. They should read the freaking book.

Sorry, smithsb, but we are still making fun of the Tates. We’ll go there when we need more ammunition. Shrug

Here’s what some of their clients think of them. :mad:


And here’s what people had to say about it on Yelp.

Okay :cool:, stay on point. Tates are scumbags, evil, anti-christian, mean, etc…

So it was a big damn WHOOSH???

Aw shit.

I take back all the shit I talked on you in this thread. You’re all right.

It’s all good, you really had me going :smiley:

I was reminded of this by a question in GQ, thought I might as well bump it with an update I found: