Christians Against Dinosaurs website

What is their position on whether the earth is flat?

Now here’s the weird thing - this accepts that the earth is, you know, old. What I understand as the (old) traditional argument runs Earth is new, therefore fossils cannot be real*. And so from there you have,* and things that are fossilised therefore never existed*. And then you can conclude, no dinosaurs. And that has its own internal consistency, after a fashion.

But if you accept that Earth is old, what’s your gripe with dinosaurs? Just don’t like them?

If I’m honest, if I was doing the trolling I would do it a lot better than this. I vote real.


    • and were placed there by God to test our faith

Post them! :smiley:

Shouldn’t God already know who the unbelievers are? Why the need for a “test”?

Is this going to be on Pay Per View?

There is/was some thought that CAD started as a poe but then the ‘True Believers’ took it over.

My introduction to CAD, Ra-Men special - Dinosaur deniers - with Kristen Auclair

CMC fnord!

As a Christian this type of website just makes me cringe. I think there are perfectly valid explanations of dinosaurs that are not contradictory to the bible. I believe that this is true for a majority of science, it meshes with the Bible.

Fundamentally the problem with Christianity and science is that the persons on Jesus’ side are making arguments that don’t correspond with the Bible. And if Christians would make our point in a loving, thinking, reasoned manner everyone would benefit.

Please be gentle with your replies.

I graduated high school in 1987 from a small Christian school that supported our non-denominational (read: fundamentalist) church. This is what we were taught. Fossils were planted by God in the Earth during creation to test the faith of future inhabitants/children of God.

There is plenty of shit going on in the world without the need for creationist myth to test believers.

Is god so cruel as to test his creations before sending them to hell? Who would want to be owned by a being such as that?

Methinks this sort of cruelty is man made

I will be as gentle as I can,

IT’S A SPOOF! YOU HAVE BEEN WHOOSHED! Quit being a sucker and play along with it. I mean, I don’t troll here, but IRL I can be very sincere, like that Kristen Auclair from CAD. The advantage she has here is that she’s cute and young and looks and talks like a million other YouTube morons.

She draws you in then tells you about an experiment showing that pterosaurs with leathery wings couldn’t possibly fly by taking a standard kite and draping a leather jacket over it. Of course it can’t fly because it’s too heavy, and anyone who has ever flown a kite would know it and laugh at the “experiment.” Unless your preconceptions say that this is a real creationist site. Then you get mad at the idiocy, not realizing you have been whooshed.

Then there’s the guy claiming that these days dinosaurs are too sexy, conflating studies of dino reproduction with a sexualizing of them and letting slip how attractive he finds them. Or having no problem with a sea scorpion hundreds of millions of years old while still claiming that dino fossils are fake. It’s a brilliant joke made funnier by the people who don’t get it.

I have a long time friend who believes this very thing. But it makes absolutely no sense to me. It seems more of a rebuttal to the “begats” chronology. In other words, why of all things, would god pick the age of the earth to test people with? I honestly don’t get it. What exactly is he testing?

If somewhere in the Bible some one claimed that god decreed that the world started in the year zero of the Gregorian calendar and you must believe that to get into heaven, ok maybe. But isn’t the age of the earth a relatively new concern?