Christians Against Dinosaurs website

Friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday. Just thought I would share it.

Normally I would think this was a joke or trolling, but having known a few Young-Earth Creationists back in the day I’m not so sure.

So what do you think?

Even though the Facebook page says

I have a REALLY hard time believing this is on the level… :confused:

Perhaps they need to check out the Creation Evidence Museum which is on the road to Dinosaur Valley State Park, home of fossilized dinosaur footprints in the Paluxy River.

Passed by the museum several times on the way to the park, apparently they believe that scientists are hiding the fact that human footsteps have been found along side the dino tracks, thus proving that the creation model is correct and the earth is quite young. I think that’s what they claim based on 2 minutes at their web site, never cared to dig deeper.

So, what is it? Did Dinos exist or not? And, if not, how did Jurassic park get that DNA?

From the link.

That explains the human footprints.

Watch the video proving pterosaurs with leathery wings couldn’t fly by draping a leather jacket over a kite and throwing it off a building.

I’m convinced.

If it comes to a physical showdown, my money’s on the Dinosaurs, especially if they include several huge theropods. It’s be like those cases in the Roman arena.
T. rex: 50
Christians: 0
On the other hand, if it came down to a court battle, things aren’t so certain. Dinosaurs are notoriously bad at picking winning lawyers (and not eating them).
Or arm-wrestling, for that matter.

Yeah, like you could beat a therizinosaur in an arm wrestling match?!

Not me. She lost all credibility when she chose to shoot vertically.

Christians against Dinosaurs? Makes Christians vs. Lions look like a cakewalk.

As a Christian, may I just say if it comes down to Christians against Dinosaurs, I’m switching sides.

I have no opinion on whether this is satire or unbelievable stupidity. I lost all faith in humanity around November, 2016. It’s mildly amusing, though – there are references to “Big Paleo” and the “museum-industrial complex”; the “News Archive” link from the home page goes to “Error establishing database connection”, and one of the featured videos is “God sends cyclone in response to Jurassic World”.

This makes no sense to me. I can understand God being pissed off after watching a bad movie, but if this is about God objecting to dinosaurs on principle, why didn’t he send some horrific plague or hurricane after the blockbuster “Jurassic Park” which rekindled wide interest in dinosaurs? The logic here has a few holes in it, even if one is willing to grant that God – who has a whole universe to look after – is a Hollywood movie fan and severe critic. The problem with God as movie critic is that actual movie critics have to review movies after they’re released and are a done deal, whereas God should be able to head off the ones he knows he won’t like before they’re even made, either by inspiring the studio creative team or smiting the director with a bolt of lightning.

This works for bats too.
Bats can’t fly, I know this for a fact because no matter how hard I threw it, my Louisville Slugger just fell, with or without my motorcycle jacket on it. So all those little furry flying rodents are just illusory lies promulgated by Satan, right?
ETA. Full disclose, I did not try the experiment to prove bats can’t fly because leathery wings with an aluminum or other material bat, just a wood bat


I won’t even own a thesaurus.

Therizinosaur? What part of ‘dinosaurs didn’t exist’ don’t you get!

I want to see a fight start between the Christians Against Dinosaurs, and the Jesus Rode a Dino devotees.

From the site:

Ancient Acutiramus

This fascinating giant scorpion lived its life entirely in the water 400 million years ago, though there is debate as to whether it was a true predator or a scavenger. These scorpions also had teeth, on their claws, because God didn’t think regular claws were badass enough.

This is just one of millions of REAL and interesting species of animals that actually existed outside of the alleged dinosaurs. Further proof that the dinosaur myth takes so much attention away from legitimate and far more fascinating creatures in our history. Stop wasting your time talking about dinosaurs, atheists.

(with a picture of a cute plush toy scorpion)

This has got to be satire, right?

When our kids were starting elementary school, we considered several private ones, including a well-regarded Christian academy. When I traveled to each school and requested a copy of their books to look through, I found the Christian school’s science books were claiming dinosaur bones were a test. Put there by God to test for unbelievers.

I have been chatting with someone there and they are staying on script, first asking what trolling is and then denying it and explaining their mission.

Somebody cover my eyes!!!