christians post here

In the debate thread, FriendofGod says christians are a minority on the sdmb.
pl wanted cites.
So heres my unscientific inquiry.
Anyone who is a member of this message board and consdiers themself a christian, post your name here.
I’ll start with me.

OK - though I’m so new and intermittent I hardly matter!



Me, too.

::: waves at Vanilla :::

I know I’ve kept it under wraps, but I have to admit it! :smiley:

Hi, y’all.

“Tell me are you a Christian child?”
And I said “Ma’am I am tonight”

  • – “Walking in Memphis”, Marc Cohn*

(raising hand)

Me too!



I am.

Me too.

I am most assuradly a Christian.

Although not a very good one, I am a Christian.

hello there

Count me in!

Christian, and thankful for that.

Add Saint Zero and I to this list. :smiley:

An odd one, but yes.