Christians: What denomination(s) is/are closest to the truth?

Since obviously there are more than a few Christians who visit this board and get stuck just talking about whether or not God exists or whether or not evolution is true etc., here is a question for your stance within Christianity: what denomination or type of theology do you believe to be most accurate?

Wouldn’t the answer always be ‘their own?’.

the most likely answer is i cant tell the diffrence. I honestly dont know the diffrence between any of the christans except for catholics. Catholics being the furthest from the truth. Basically the more traditions the less truth.

So if one has no tradition, one has ultimate truth?

Well, close to the truth is not all that true, now is it?

I have run around this particular point a dozen times or more, what with threads on proof, or sin, or evangelism. The whole wanting to be right thing is just getting in the way. You don’t think your way to Salvation, it isn’t a test, or a club, or a trial. You don’t get a verdict; you get a gift. You can’t save me, and I can’t save you, and the Bible is a book.

Try loving everyone. Not just everyone, though, that’s the easy part, try loving each one. That takes a bit more time, and a lot more effort. You will not be perfectly successful. That means you really are not the most right. Don’t worry, though, being right is not the point. You will learn to love, and also to be loved. Eventually, you will be able to see that all this love is greater than you imagined it could be. You see, the ability you have to love is what God gave you, to make you immortal. All you have to do is give it away, to each soul you meet. In the end you will give it back to God. To me, this means loving Jesus. But the theology part is really not important. He said that you would be giving it to Him when you give it to His brethren. Just do the loving.

I recommend that you read the Bible, by the way. It is a great source of inspiration on the Love of God. But the Word is not the book. Jesus is the Word, made flesh. Going to church is good too, as a way of making all the love you find into a real part of your life, and the lives of those you will meet in fellowship. But it isn’t a club for the elite few. It is more like one of the life rafts of the world. A few cling to each as the world goes on around them. For them it is a comfort, in the brief time until they will not need such comforts.

Don’t spend a lot of time trying to be right, and certainly don’t waste time trying to convince other people that you are right. Just use that precious time to create more love on Earth. There isn’t enough.


I like to pick on them all, why play favourites?

This is assuming, of course, that Christianity itself is automatically “the Truth.” Many others would probably take issue with this statement alone.

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Define truth. Those who are Catholics believe themselves to be following the Word of God. Those who are Baptists . . . you get my point.

Satan, IMO, the OP is operating under the assumption that Christianity is the truth:)

Asmodean, what’s the reasoning behind your statement?

If a faith fits YOUR needs, then it is all the truth you need.

Well, does this mean I can start a thread under any old assumption, no matter how erroneous it may be?

Sounds like at best a suspension of critical thinking just to make some kind of point that may not even matter if the point is derived from an incorrect “Truth,” and at worst, a fallacy.

IMO, of course…

I would suggest the question be reworded in any event. How about, “What evidence do believers of the Bible have that their interpretations of the book and subsequent rites and thoughts are correct while other folks who use the same book as their yardstick come up with different conclusions?”

Is that okay, Crazy Boob?

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Which denomination is the closest? I think all denominations have a grip on the truth of the Gospel, some in varying degrees.

The Catholic church has a strong tradition, but it is also relevant to ALL Christian churches. Tested against Scripture, most of the Catholic doctrines and dogmas ring true.

The Orthodox chuch also has a very stong tradtion, and although I have very limited experience in the worship rites, they still hold to the veracity of the scriptures.

Within the Protestant tradition there are many that strike a good balance between conservative and liberal theology. Many also hold to orthodox christian tradition. Even the ‘non-denominational’ churches have some tradition in their worship.

Christianity at its core, I believe, isn’t about knowing the truth, but living the truth. I think all denoms sometimes get sidetracked into trying to define truth, and stray from living it. God wants us to serve Him and serve others. Like Tris said, love each and every one of his creatures. A very hare task to be sure, something none of us would be able to do without some help.

Which church should you attend? One that ministers to your needs, and allows you to minister as well.

Ephesians 4:11-13

Clearly there is much work to be done.

I posted part of a conversation with a fundamentalist Christian (polite enough chap) elsewhere.

He stated that the Bible was literally true.
He said, interestingly, that Acts explains why Christians don’t have to follow the Old Testament dietary laws. He said the main thing was to believe in Jesus. (OK so far)
The he said homosexuals would burn in hell forever. :rolleyes:
I asked him about gay priests. He said they weren’t Christian. I asked why not, since they worship Jesus. He said they weren’t Christian, ** because he said so! **

So what IS the exact truth?

As Tris said, the Word, Jesus.

Like light shining through a prism, we see different colors that originate from a single white light. Christianity is many different colors that come from a single light.


Unitarian Universalists. Definitely. :wink:


Now don’t go all mystical on me!
You said there are varying degrees of truth in the denominations. This implies you know which ones are more accurate.

If all you’re saying is that you must worship Jesus to be a Christian, then why are there so many contradictory doctrines in the various sects?

Is the Pope God’s vicar on Earth?
Is contraception wrong?
Was Joseph Smith a prophet from God?
Are blood transfusions wrong?
Will gay priests burn in hell forever?
Was the world created about 4,000 years ago?

These are all things various Christians have confidently answered both Yes and No.
What are your answers?

Sorry, I shall now have to go to confession… oh wait, I’m not Catholic… :wink:

I make no assertation that I know the truth. I do think that God does know the truth, and His truth has been expressed in the Scriptures, and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. (If that doesn’t make sense, maybe Poly can Translate… ;))

Becasue the different sects/denominations are human institutions that are subject to our sin-nature. They are imperfect because of the members they contain.

My answers, given that I don’t have a stranglehold on the truth.
Is the Pope God’s vicar on Earth? No.
Is contraception wrong? I haven’t the foggiest.
Was Joseph Smith a prophet from God? No.
Are blood transfusions wrong? No.
Will gay priests burn in hell forever? I haven’t the foggiest, someone else is the judge of that.
Was the world created about 4,000 years ago? I haven’t the foggiest, wasn’t there then. It appears that the evidence as we interpret it would say no.

Different human institiutions have made statements either affirming or denying those questions. Emphasis on the human. Are any of those positions of a salvific nature, some institutions state erronously (IMO) that it might be. None of those are spoken of in a salvific context in the scriptures. Instead we see Grace, Forgiveness and Love as recurring themes.

What are your answers? **

How do you know his truth has been expressed, if you don’t know what it is?

I appreciate that you are a polite person, who has a profound belief which you are ready to share and discuss.
I have met very many Christians who are admirable people, whose faith helps them to behave well and especially comfort others in time of stress. (The same applies to Buddhists, perhaps even more so).
I think Jesus said some remarkable things, and we would all do well to study and practise them.
My problem is that I have met a few Christians who terrify me. Now maybe they are just misguided souls. How do I tell?
Also there are strong disagreements between Christian religions. How do I know who is mistaken?

Thank you for your answers to my questions. I expect you know why I asked them!
My answers are:

Is the Pope God’s vicar on Earth?
No (I’m not a Catholic either).

But this is a major doctrine of the oldest Christian sect. How do YOU know he’s not?

Is contraception wrong?
I’m very happy with it. It prevents unwanted pregnancies and cuts down on abortion.

Incidentally, why haven’t you got an opinion?

Was Joseph Smith a prophet from God?
No, I’m not a Mormon.

But again, this is a Christian sect who say this was a prophet from God. How do you know they’re wrong?

Are blood transfusions wrong?
No, I’m not a Christian Scientist.

Same question to you as above, though.

Will gay priests burn in hell forever?
Well I don’t believe in hell. But if God is going to condemn believers in him to eternal torment, just because of their sexual preference, then I’m not going to worship Him, even if he does manifest Himself.

You said ‘I haven’t the foggiest, someone else is the judge of that.’ But many Christians believe this passionately. Are they right?

Was the world created about 4,000 years ago?
No, I’m a scientist. The evidence suggests a few billion years.

You said ‘I haven’t the foggiest, wasn’t there then.’ Oh, come on! You weren’t there when Jesus allegedly rose from the dead either. The only evidence is a claim some books written over 30 years later. Yet you believe in the Resurrection absolutely. What’s the difference here?

A good question, and something I struggled with myself. Something that I searched and found the answer to. A good summation that covers many of the areas I personally believe is recounted here.

I have found others that profess Christ that scare me as well. Disappointing. But to be expected, even the scriptures speak of people that profess the Lord, but whom the Lord does not know.

How do you know who is mistaken? I search the scriptures, I pray, I use my head. Paul says the Scriptures are profitable for teach, correction and training, so that we may be equipped for service (2 Tim 3:16). Match it up with Scripture, and that gives you a good idea, or at very least a starting point.

Your question was somewhat vague, and I interpreted you meant that the Pope was God’s only vicar on earth. I think that the Pope is one of many ‘vicars’ on earth at the present time. There are many other Godly men that are able to teach true doctrine based on the scriptures. I don’t think the scriptures speak to elevating one man on earth above the rest of the saints. Catholic tradition may assert that, but therein lies the difference between a protestor and a Catholic.

Not really of salvific value. I use contraception with my wife. Of different flavors. I don’t think the Bible outright condemns the use of such, except for possibly aborficants. There is a passage of one that ‘spilt his seed upon the ground’ but the context of the passage doesn’t speak of birth control other than robbing someone of any possibility of a future lineage. (A lineage that BTW that would include Jesus Christ.)

I look at the documentary evidence for the Bible vs. the documentary evidence for the BoM. Then I test what Joesph Smith said vs. Biblical Scripture, and many times it doesn’t match up, but adds to the scripture in ways that is at odds with traditional Christian doctrine. (IMO)

I’ve read the passage that Christian Scientists use as a proof text, and it fails to convince me that this is wrong.

Awful presumptous, IMO. ‘I will only worship the Creator of the universe if He manifests himself in a way that is pleasing to my beliefs.’ You ain’t even letting him in the door, my friend.

The scriptures speak that the only qualification for judgement is whether one has accepted Jesus as one’s savior. The only way I can judge that is if a person is experiencing sanctification and growing in Christ. But supreme judgement is left to God, who is the only one who can read anothers heart?

I’m fairly certain that NO ONE was there when the world was created, so there would be no written record. Jesus’ resurrection is accounted for in historical texts often called the NT Gospels. When compared to other historical documents of the time that are not canonized, the basic outline of Jesus’ life, death, and the actions of the church are preserved. The copies of the extra-canonical documents have a much larger time span than the NT record.