Christine McVie has died (of Fleetwood Mac) [30 Nov 2022]

I am seeing reports online that Christine McVie (of Fleetwood Mac) has died, at age 79. :cry:

I just saw this, as well. She had such a beautiful, seemingly effortless singing voice.

I am now seriously bummed.

THE best voice of the group, IMO. While Nicks got most of the (undeserved) adulation, McVie was the alto heart of the group with better range and a much cleaner sound. Very sad news indeed.

And a better songwriter and a better musician

I remember John McVie relating that when Christine sang Songbird live, “grown men would stand in the wings and weep”

Of all the great songs from that group, my favorite is “You Make Loving Fun”, by McVie.

Hey, she was no tambourine banger.

Most of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs are hers. :disappointed_relieved:

Noooo! Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Damn. She was great. This is sad news. :sob:

Oh no!

Very moving.

While McVie did have the “better” voice (I will agree with your description of better range and cleaner sound), Nicks had the better stage presence and a much more distinctive voice. The attention that Nicks received was not undeserved, IMHO.

Nicks was also a world class songwriter. The whole reason that she had a solo career was that she was a world class songwriter in a band filled with world class songwriters (one of which was McVie), which restricted her to only a couple of songs on each album. Nicks wanted more of an outlet for her music.

You can’t really say that any one member is better than the other in Fleetwood Mac. They all contributed to an absolutely fantastic ensemble. Take out any one part and the whole ensemble suffers. They worked very well together when, well, to put it bluntly, they didn’t work so well together. Rumours, often described as one of their best albums, came out of the breakups of both John and Christie McVie and also of Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham. That’s the sort of thing that would tear most musical groups completely apart. Instead, they channeled all of that into one of the best music albums in history.

If you’re a true fan you remember her as Christine Perfect.

I was a fan of Fleetwood Mac from the early days, long before Nicks and Buckingham joined. After Peter Green left they didn’t have stars; they were an ensemble, all pieces essential. I still felt that way later. The other three were as necessary as the two newcomers. Lindsay is one of my favorite guitarists and Stevie is a better songwriter and better frontperson than Christine. Mick and John are an incredible rhythm section. But Christine was always a presence, always solid, always with good songs. All of them will be missed.

As a radio DJ, I played the songs of Fleetwood Mac perhaps thousands of times over the years. I’ve never tired of her songs. Hers have always stuck with me more than the others. They’re the ones I’ll still turn up when I hear them on the radio. Farewell, Christine.

Sad news indeed. My favorite Fleetwood Mac vocalist. RIP, Christine.

OMG. I am SO SO old, I remember them from their earliest days in the 60’s. ‘Oh Well’… my first steps into adulthood… I also remember the King Biscuit Flower Hour on FM radio that was around the time. …they were great.

I first heard of them through “Oh, Well.” The single split the song into the radio-friendly A-side and the weird, meandering soft B-side. I recorded it on a tiny home reel-to-reel with 3" tapes.

RIP, Ms. McVie.

I had no idea she was 79 years old!