Christmas Cards...what do you do with them after the holiday?

I always love all the cards that are sent via snail mail and usually save them to make some collage of art as a decoration for the next year. Does anyone else do anything with them?

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Throw them away

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I keep them for a year so I know who to send cards to the next year.

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Let’s see.

Depending on who the card is from:

[ul][li]Rip it up ;)[/li][li]Keep it for a few years, until I get fed up and throw all the cards I’ve accumulated[/ul][/li]

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Send them into my son’s school the next year so they can use the fronts for crafts. I do save the special ones tho.

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Oh, and I also delete 'em. :wink:

I re-use parts of the ones I like, for either scrapbook pages, Christmas ornaments for next year’s tree, or window ornaments (or “ornery-ments” as I have called them since I was little). The ones that can’t be re-used in this fashion go into the mixed waste paper recycle (after our names are torn out to satisfy my paranoia).

As a teacher of little children we love it when they are donated to us.

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Wow, now I have some ideas to replace throwing them away. Thanks!!

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Keep them for years and years and then feel guilty about throwing them out, even if the senders have written nothing on them but their names.

I’m hopeless that way.

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I keep the picture postcards and throw away the rest. My friend has been sending me pictures of her kids every year and after I get a couple more, I intend on framing them for a “Christmas Through the Years” collage.

I save them for the next Christmas when the picture fronts are removed from the text backs in a delicate operation. The pretty pictures then are assigned as Christmas package tags.

Yup, I make tags outta mine too.

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BurnMeUp, don’t forget to check them for money before throwing them away!

I like to keep the last card from each person. Keeping all of them would be too much. The rest go to christmas card heaven.

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I save mind. I have nearly 7 years worth in one box. In this box are also birthday cards and other cards too. My intentions are honorable. A few years ago I received from an honorary uncle of mine a box made of Christmas card covers that was stitched together. It is very cute and I thought, " Hey, I could do that." Several attempts at duplicating the stitch later have proved fruitless, but I won’t give up the ghost.

I’ve also heard that some Adults with disabilities will take your old Xmas cards and use them to help raise mula for charity. Keep an eye out in your local paper.

Also, if you have kids, they are great to give to them for rainy day activities.

I agree with Fretful Portpentine. I save them forever and ever, too, and the idea of cutting them up horrifies me. I can’t bear to destroy them, especially if the giver has passed on or just moved away and we’ve lost touch.

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Tippex out all the entries then re-send them the following year!,hey!,it’s the thought that counts!

Please forgive me i’m English!

Display them for a few months and throw them away. I haven’t recieved any this year though. I would normaly get about ten by now.

Toenails – we’ll forgive you for being English if you tell us what Tippex is. :wink: I thought it was a car. Didn’t Vivian on the Young Ones drive a Ford Tippex?

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Mail them back to their original senders with a grading system that marks how good the card was. For example,

“Hey, we’re both Christians, what’s with this secular ‘Happy Holiday’ crap?”

“If all you’re going to do is sign your name, don’t bother next year.”

“What the Hell are you doing mailing me a Christmas card when you know you’re going to see me on Christmas day, wish me a Merry Christmas in person, and even give me a gift?! Sheesh, you’re a real jerk, Mom.”