Christmas Elves vs Fantasy Elves

Pretty funny. I watched this after watching a “What would happen if Sauron recovered his ring” video, so this rang with me.

College Humor should have pressed that harder. Mentioning how Santa sounds slightly similar to Sauron or Saruman. How once a year he’s drawn across the world by eight fell beasts to collect tribute and leave ‘gifts’.

I gots to say, when I read The Hobbit at age 12, I had a very inaccurate picture in my mind of the elves of Mirkwood.

There is a wide variety of elf depictions in fantasy–some Discworld elves should have stormed in and killed and ate the lot of 'em (in that order, if they were feeling merciful.)

When I looked through Wayne G. Hammond’s book J.R.R. Tolkein: Artist and Illustrator, I noticed that Tolkein himself drew several pictures of Middle-Earth Elves wearing pointed caps with pompoms.

I read The Hobbit (and The Lord of the Rings) at about that same age, but it was just after the Rankin-Bass animated film of The Hobbit had come out, so that definitely influenced my perceptions of what the various races looked like. :slight_smile:

I gathered that references to Tolkien baddies were deliberately eschewed.

And, of course, I have to be nerdy about the lore and imagine how two small elves from Santa could have a these tall wood elves. Maybe they have magic that makes them taller? Or maybe, given the racism comments, he was adopted.

See if you can find a copy somewhere of Tolkien’s Father Christmas Letters. According to the Professor, Santa’s elves are the tall, badassed, better-than-you-at-everything sort.

It’s increasingly puzzled me, as the years go on, why Santa’s helpers—being short, bearded fellows who spend all their time building things—are called “Elves.”

RelevantTV Tropes link.

In many languages / folklores the Santa’s helpers and other short, bearded magic folk, actually are distinct, with a different name, from the elves. See tomten, tonttu, brownie, heinzelmännchen etc.