Christmas fun with Alexa - try this!

For some surrealism in your holiday, ask Alexa to play german christmas music. No idea what causes this.

I don’t have Alexa. Tell us what happens. Hide it in a spoiler box.

All I get is:

I couldn’t find any German Christmas songs.

Bah, humbug.

Same here

Weird, I got

The Macarena

When I asked my Alexa to do this, I got “Playing German Christmas Music from Amazon Music.” The first song was 2000 Miles, by The Pretenders. Not really surreal, other than I’m not sure why it’s German. :wink:

Edit: the next song on the playlist was, in fact, the one that manson1972 got.

I got the Pretenders song, and didn’t play it long enough to see what was next.

So, I tought the Pretenders and the Macarena were pretty surreal as a response to German Xmas music. Can’t figure how the algorithm got there.

I got the Pretenders song, as well! Tried it again and got the Macarena. Alexa still has plenty of learning to do!