Christmas gift thread 2020

So, Christmas 2020. It looks like the gift exchange is still on, although the family gathering and dinner is off. I’m drawing my usual blank on what to get people, but I think it would help me to hear what you guys have to say about it and maybe it will help you too!

If you would be so kind, will you tell me
• Anything you’re giving that you think is cool
• Anything you’re hoping to get (plus your age and gender might be good)
• Any interesting web sites to buy from
• Any gift-giving issues you’re having
• Pretty much anything you’d like to contribute on the topic

I have bought one gift so far. I have a friend who doesn’t want anything, so I buy toys for her dogs. That was easy, but now I’m stumped about the rest!

Yes, Discourse, I did the same thread last year. And probably some other years too. Bite me, and happy holidays!

Last year I gave my sisters a falconry lesson. It seemed to to over well. In Southern California I can recommend:

Our daughter and son-in-law bought their first house this summer. It has a nice deck going along the back and side. We’re giving them a portable fire pit/grill and a fireproof mat to go under it. I’m pretty sure they’re going to love it.

Kids are lots easier to buy for, but our granddaughter is getting an easel that has a magnetic white board on one side and a chalk board on the other, plus it holds a roll of paper at the top. She loves to draw, so this will be a big hit.

We used to give my husband’s folks gift cards to various restaurants, but that ain’t gonna fly this year, so we’re looking at k-cup subscriptions, so they’ll have a variety of coffees to sample thru the year. I’ve done similar subscriptions for my mom - once for beers, once for wines - and she really enjoyed them.

As for me, I just want an effective vaccine so life can get back to normal - is that asking too much??

For the past 15 years my gf and I have agreed on a no xmas gift exchange, and it has worked out well. Quarantine and working from home must be getting to her though. The other day she told me what she wants for xmas.

  • I cross stitched the QR code to Rick Roll my kid. I’m also re-learning macrame to gift her hanging planters. Her fiancé and I have taken to gifting each other pick-a-packs of local beers, which has been a lot of fun. They bought a new-to-them car, so I’m happily buying them an emergency kit and plaid wool blanket for the car- in our family every vehicle has a PWB. It’s the law.
  • I know I will be receiving a rice steamer, as cooking rice is my kitchen Kryptonite.
  • Interesting websites? I’m purposely going to manufacturers websites and buying through them, versus retailers or amazon.
  • Main problems are trying to not go into a store, things being out of stock, and expected delivery dates after Xmas.
  • It’s been nice focusing on my immediate family, rather than having to buy for everyone and their ugly brother.

We do the same, it’s great. Although this year I kinda want something as it’s been such a crappy year. It might sound stupid but I’d like a gravy boat… we don’t have one. Or something more sustainable.

That falconry lesson looks awesome, Sandra! One year my husband and I took my mom to swim with manatees, that went over big. I’d like to take her to an escape room sometime, but not this year.

FCM, I spent hours with my chalkboard when I was a kid. That’s a great gift. (Surreptitiously writes down “fcm effective vaccine”)

Kayaker, what are you going to ask your girlfriend for? She owes you now!

MissTake, I’m hoping to avoid Amazon as well. It’s harder than I thought! (I also can’t cook rice. I just add plenty of extra water so I can catch it before it burns).

Thanks for the link, Eco, there’s some food for thought in there. I saw that stainless steel gravy boat…

I’ve got everything I need!! Back before PA had medical, she wanted to get me a special thank-you gift after I did a major favor for her. She told me to pick anything, up to $1,000 cost and she’d get it for me.

I asked her for an ounce of decent weed. It turned into a situation comedy, as she realized that other than me, she didn’t know anyone who could hook her up. She ended up asking me to get the weed, give it to her, and she wrapped it up along with gift cards from a local pizza shop. :jamaica:

Sounds like me and my husband…he told me to ask for anything, “sky’s the limit”. The only things I could think of were like shoes that I would have to pick out myself, because I’m so persnickety. I really have everything I want already.

I’m not much in the Christmas spirit this year. There’s a lot of sickness in my family this year and obviously we won’t be doing any family gatherings so the whole thing kind of feels like a half-assed obligation at this point. However, as MissTake noted, one positive element is it is kind of nice not having to gift shop for half the county.

Anyway, to the questions:

  • Nothing, really. Probably the closest is actually going to be next year some time. One of my students who has had a pretty rough time this year (worse than many) wants to learn Latin so I’ll get her a copy of the Latin translation of the first Harry Potter book. I’ll have to wait until we’re back doing F2F teaching to give it to her but thats ok.

My own kids just want money. That’s easy enough. They’re past the “write a long wish list” age.

  • Up until about a month ago what I really really wanted was a thermos: one of the big 1.5 qt models so that I could take decent coffee with me to work once we reopen in person. But I recently gave up coffee after a 15+ year deeply intense love affair with it (I was one of the lowest forms of life on earth: a coffee snob), so now… I dunno. T-shirts, maybe. Since the pandemic I’ve been my eschewing my usual “Oxford shirt, chinos, and Hush Puppies” classroom outfit for “t-shirt and jeans with sandals” as my go-to outfit. I’ve fallen in love with dopey graphic t-shirts, just like when I was 14 :slight_smile: I’ve found one with El Kabong (the horse, not the Doper), one with the coat of arms of Tasmania, one with the Pratt & Whitney logo, and several others. My wife just rolls her eyes and says a college professor shouldn’t dress like a child, even at home. I reply that I could do what all the other adult men around here do and adopt the ubiquitous redneck Gucci look: a goatee, greasy baseball cap with sunglasses sitting on the bill, the requisite Carhart or Cabela’s shirt (or something with flags and the 2A), and beat-up jeans over Wal-Mart boots. She prefers the t-shirts.

So anyway. T-shirts. Maybe some wool socks. I actually doubt I’ll get either. I’ve been married for 17 years and my wife still says she doesn’t know what to get me. :man_facepalming: 39/M ftr.

  • Does Amazon count? Otherwise, teepublic, redbubble, and societees feed my shirt addiction. We usually go to a big Christmas craft fair and try to spread some money around to local crafters, but obviously that isn’t happening this year.

  • Not yet. Check back on Christmas eve.

My grandmother always called Christmas the “crazy Christian cash register” holiday and she’s not far off. I’m more than a little bit disgusted with the whole circus, but as much as I’d like to follow kayaker’s example and eschew the gift-giving elements of the holiday altogether (I’ll keep the music, decorations, and food) that would never fly with my wife’s uber-traditional family. So, I’m kinda stuck.

Lancia, I’ve been eying these Stephen King T-shirts and trying to convince myself that I need a couple more graphic tees in my life…
I might get my husband some plain T-shirts at Duluth Trading Company, but Jebus, have you priced those things? They’re, ah, more than I expected.

Duluth Trading is exceedingly expensive but – and in my experience this is quite rare for clothing these days – you truly get what you pay for. All of my jeans are DT, as are all my undershirts. Those are all at least 6 years old, when I was teaching F2F I cycled through the same 3 each week, washing them twice a week, and they still look like new. I also have two Duluth jackets that have never let me down.

Levi’s is junk, Carhart is absolute garbage – I cannot for the life of me understand why so many men love Carhart – and Cabela’s, while they used to be good, are pretty junky now too. LL Bean makes good stuff, so does Land’s End. Both are inferior to Duluth Trading.

That’s what I hear. And Mr. Beetle has been pretty good this year…

I got the missus one of those pictures that is lines depicting the color pallet in some seconds of increments from one of her favorite movies. I am exceptionally nervous that she won’t like it.

Got my youngest (the only one still at home with me) a new computer. He is going to be gobsmacked.

I cling to the hope that I am going to get an inversion table for my bad back, but I’m aware this is highly unlikely.

The only gift giving issue I know of is that my wife and her mother both bought me the same gift. Yay? I guess she returned hers, so we’ll see what is the replacement.