Christmas, I hate it, no really!!

I really do. Not because of the atmosphere.

No purely because of the trying to choose presents. If it was upto me I would give everyone cash. Whats wrong with that??? Nothing that’s what. Come on , the typical Christmas shopping trip is…

“why don’t we get her a vase?”

“ok, she’ll like that”

Then, come Christmas day it’s…

Another fuckin vase honey!”

“I know, put it in the vase cupboard”

And so this pointless rituel is allowed to carry on.

Please back me up if you agree, and tell me what you would do to improve the situation. (no, I ain’t no religious guy, so I don’t care WWJD!)

I heartily agree–I get so tired of racking my brain to pick out the perfect gifts, only to be met by hearty indifference on Christmas. I also see how much thought they put into buying me the book I got last year (that’s all I got, one crummy book.) I could go on, but hey, it’s your thread.

I suggest a month long vacation to the pleasure spot of your choice. Which does not include any Western countries where Christmas is celebrated. D’oh!

If you live in some particularly nasty winter weather area, you can escape to the nicest beaches in the world, and rub it in to all your friends to boot!

No money? Sorry. You’re outta luck this year. Start a Christmas Club account at the bank right after the first of the year, and plan next year’s getaway. It’ll make all the difference in the world, you’ll see.

What bothers me is how commercialized, I’m not very religious, but my god, Christmas is now dedicated to a fat guy in a red suit with a fake beard and is sold by wal-mart. It’s getting pretty sick.

If everybody gave everybody else cash, it would be kind of pointless, too. It would be kind of awkward at first if you gave someone $15 and they gave you $25. And when a good range is defined, it results in nothing, if you give $20 to 10 people and receive $20 from those ten people, essentially nothing gets accomplished.

I agree, though, that Christmas just plain sucks. It sucks all around. The music sucks, the fake smiles everybody puts on suck, the commercial frenzy sucks, and gosh darn it, RED AND GREEN JUST DON’T MATCH! I think this is why the suicide rate is at its highest level during the holidays.

What’s a vacation? I haven’t gone anywhere for more than a couple of days that wasn’t work-related in years. Do I have to take the wife and kids? What about those pesky finals coming up in two weeks?

Grrr…I better quit now before I’m cast into The Pit!