Christmas spirit

This is unbelievably mundane and pointless. No, really.

I was doing dishes when I saw my 250th Anniversary Guinness glass. I thought, ‘Hm. I should have some Guinness at Christmas.’ But then I thought that Christmas I’m making glöggi, and I’ve also got a bottle of linie akvavit.

Yeah, a little of the ol’ Christmas spirits, doncha know.

Christmas spirit? That reminded me…

A little Christmas spirit
Ghostly haunting, deadly spirit

I’ll have to remember to play that on Christmas Day. Weird, how the mind works.

No, I think you mean weird how YOUR mind works. :smiley:

In celebration of December, I decided to make a Manhattan to complement my wife’s Martini. Drat, can’t find the Angostura. Off to the liquor store.

Would you believe it? Not one of the fucking low-rent, redneck liquor stores in town had any. Hell, they haven’t even heard of it! Finally found a bottle at one of the grocery stores.

Ahhhhh…velvety bliss.