Chrome updated without asking me

Not a big deal but I thought the standard procedure was to ask if you agreed to the update for Windows applications? My laptop is 2010 vintage with Windows 7 if that matters. Maybe they make Chrome updates a lot but this one is a bigger change so I noticed it right away.

Chrome always updates in the background without asking permission.

Yes. OP perhaps you are thinking of other browsers like Firefox which has a setting where you can choose between 1. Automatic updates 2. Firefox asks 3. Never check for updates.

Yes, and when it did the eight most visited sites area, on the bottom under the search- went away. That was very handy.

Note that people are rolling back from the latest Chrome 69 to Chrome 68 due to blurry fonts.

There has to be a better way to ensure that naive users update in a decent amount of time but not force everyone to update to a potentially buggy new version.

Chrome’s always done this. You’re probably noticing version 69 specifically because the UI has changed quite a bit. (The tab bar looks plain weird now. I’m getting used to it…)

The only way to not have it update automatically is to be part of an Active Directory domain, which still have the option to disable Chrome auto-updates. (Although I imagine eventually Google will start ignoring that option.)

Enter chrome://flags/ in the search bar and go

Type in “new tab page” in the search flags box

You need to change two options:

“Enable using the Google local NTP” should be set to Enabled; and

“New Tab Page Material Design UI” should be set to Disabled

Restart browser, and the old behaviour is back

God knows why Google changed this handy feature though :rolleyes:

If you revert, the tabs change back to trapezoids and the blurry fonts go away. Also, the doubling of thin lines is cancelled. Other behind-the-scenes changes are retained, but you can’t see those.

I have noticed a change in how the click and drag operation works in one specialized program, but only that one (not a public program, so don’t worry about it).


This does seem to be an unusually buggy release of Chrome. They also added a feature that removes “www.” and “m.” from URLs (because I guess they think this makes websites easier to use?), but they neglected to only look at the first part of the domain. So if you have a domain name like:

It’d show up as (Instead of removing only the *first *www, it removes both of them.)

There’s a lot of disturbing phishing implications for this. (If you *owned * you could pretend to be literally any other domain you wanted! would display as It seems nobody thought it through very well before shipping it.

(Ignore the auto-linking above, I don’t know how to tell the forum to stop doing that.)

Thanks a lot! My Chrome didn’t update until I went to check which version I had. THAT is when it downloaded and installed the update. Not before then.

Same here. Thankfully, I didn’t get blurry fonts. The new tabs are kinda annoying though.

If you are “replying to thread,” below the text box are Additional Options. The first one is “Automatically parse links in text.” Uncheck that.

At least that’s how my display/edit works. Other displays might be different.

Another useful one to know is the “noparse” tag, which even works in quick reply (where there is no “automatically parse links in text” option) and works as a general escape character, so that everything written between it is, well, not parsed by vB.

So type:


to get:


But it’s also useful when answering questions about vB tagging, so you can do stuff like type: [noparse] ** * [size=4] :slight_smile: :smack:

 [/noparse], etc., without triggering type formatting, smileys, text boxes, etc. (Although on the full reply page, there is also a checkbox option at least for disabling smileys.)