Chromecast in a motel/hotel

I’m making a substantial trip soon. Any reason why a Chromecast wouldn’t work in a hotel/motel environment with in room wi-fi?

Why? Can watch a couple of subscribed networks - netflix - hulu, and on-demand networks.
Can control the show a bit.

I realizes the wi-fi may have speed issues and the tv needs an HDMI input.

Sometimes you need to open a browser window to put in a password or check a terms and conditions box. I don’t think a Chromecast can do that.

The Chromecast should work fine. I’ve used it in various hotels and in all but one, it’s been fine. The only hotel I had a problem with was due to the hotel policy of only allowing one wifi connection per room.

You should be able to set up your chromecast from your tablet or phone once that is on the wifi.

Don’t forget that anyone else on the network can stream things to your Chromecast once it’s on the hotel’s wifi.

Thanks, the additional streaming might be “steaming”.



That might be a result of some “love/live” streaming from another room.