Chromecast Screensaver Photos

So, I’ve been sitting here in the living room watching something on the laptop. Because it streamed from my Netflix last time out, the laptop automatically launched my Chromecast.

As I sit here, the slow slideshow ( every 30 seconds? Every 60? ) is running. This is not coming off of my laptop of course, it’s coming from the Chromecast website.

Almost all are nature or landscape images. Benign. Can’t say all are gorgeous, but then again, it’s art and entirely subjective.

I wonder if there are channels of screen savers. What if I want all B&W, or all Faces or all street images?

What if I want to populate a slideshow myself?

Many of the images are evocative, but all are very very non-confrontational and fairly bland.

Wondering how to find more engaging images.

Open the Google Home app. In the top left hamburger menu, select Devices. Your TV will come up with the name you gave it. (Our is called, imaginatively, Living Room) Beside the name, in the top right corner is the three dot menu. Choose Backdrop settings. Here you can turn on and off the content that it shows. I have mine set up to show two or three of my Google Photo albums of wildlife and landscape photos.

That’s really neat thanks.