Would it be safe for someone that has chromes to take codeine for a one time relief of pain? I know that codeine can be irritable to the stomach, but what I’m curious about is that if it would have a negative effect to the symptoms of chromes and if there’s any imformation on why this should seriously not be used. Thanks

Do you mean Crohn’s disease, gitfiddle?

I’m pretty sure there are different spelling’s, but yes that is what I mean.

IANAD, but it would seem that codiene is widely used to treat Crohn’s disease, so it should be safe to take it for one-time relief of pain. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go polish the crohn on my vehicle.:confused:

Do NOT pursue any course of treatment you may be advised of over the internet without also consulting an MD or DO.

That’s good advice, Ringo, but are you pointing a finger at me?This is one page of a]Google search for crohn’s disease codeine .
I wasn’t intending to give advice on a course of treatment for a serious disease, just pointing out what is obvious in a cursory search.