Chronos clarification please

“We have a rule against misgendering, and “male impersonator” appears to be an example of that. That’ll be a Warning.”

Could you clarify the problem. What constitutes misgendering?

If a female chooses to take on the male role of husband, she is a female impersonating a male. This is not a value judgement, just linguistics.

There are officially assigned roles?

Yes - Linguistically husband is the male partner of a spouse. Being a post, the issue is linguistic.

If I understand the context, the person you referred to as a “male impersonator” is a trans-man. A trans man is not a male impersonator. That was your mistake.

A pregnant individual is biologically female. I’m not sure where ‘trans-man’ enters the issue. I don’t believe the term was used on the program.

I’m not sure of the context this issue is being discussed. Trans people are not impersonating anybody.

But “female impersonators” or “drag queens” shows used to be a thing. In fact Ru Paul has a current well received reality show about it. Then there is the movie Victor/Victoria.

I don’t know who identifies as female or gay on that show.

What is the word for a cis gendered heterosexual person who happens to enjoy wearing the clothing of the opposite cis gendered heterosexual person?

Cross dresser seems old fashioned.

Who are you talking about? I haven’t seen the show, but some googling revealed that one of the contestants is married to a trans man. If that’s who you’re talking about, then calling him a “male impersonator” is misgendering, as he is not impersonating a male.

What’s the definition of ‘trans-man’?

If the ‘trans-man’ is pregnant ‘he’s’ female.

A trans-man is a man who was assigned female at birth. A husband is a man married to another person. The person in question is a trans man, and also is the husband of a contestant on the TV show. He is not a male impersonator. Calling him a male impersonator was misgendering (i.e. implying he is not a man), which is against the rules.

You are free to believe that trans men are not men, but AFAICT posting that sentiment would be a violation of the rule against misgendering.

Can someone please link to the thread/warning in question?


I really have no idea what you are talking about. A person who was assigned female at birth and subsequently became pregnant is biologically female.

So what? This person is a trans man and the husband of a contestant. They are not a “male impersonator” (which means someone pretending to be a MAN, not someone pretending to BIOLOGICALLY MALE). Biological sex is irrelevant to this conversation.

Drag queens/“female impersonators” are not “pretending to be BIOLOGICAL FEMALES”, they are pretending to be WOMEN for performances, which means taking on the clothing, makeup, appearance, mannerisms, etc., that society and culture has assigned to the social gender role of female (the societal gender role, not the biological sex).

Yes - a female acting out a male role - ie husband.

Did you not like the answer you got the first time you asked this? Was there a specific answer that you’d accept over others?

A man can be biologically female. A man is a person who identifies as a man, it’s a social construct. A trans-man is a man who was born with female genitalia, and can become pregnant. He is not “impersonating” a man; he is one. Denying that a man is a man because of what genitalia he is born with is not conduct allowed on this board per the rules.

Is this the person in question?

non-binary person


But he’s not pretending. He is a man, and he is a husband. There’s no performance about it. Male impersonators, and female impersonators (also called “drag queens” and “drag kings”) are performers who entertain.

If that’s the case then even the premise that Crane has presented (a pregnant person identifying as a man) is not accurate, because they don’t identify as a man.

I don’t think so – from googling, there’s another contestant, Richard Foye, who is married to a trans man.