Chronos this is a ridiculous mod note

Not in a serious discussion, no. By all means, call it that when you discuss it with your mates at recess.

Like the word “breastaurant”.

Sure, buddy, the person not rage-quitting the discussion is the one sputtering…

Some of them are no doubt your best friends :roll_eyes:

I’m not offended by it, I just think this place has in substantial part ceased to be intellectually rigorous and has become defined by people’s whipped up offence.

Read your posts. I’m not angry it’s just that I know you will go on saying ever more silly things and I will get less and less able to keep my mockery within the bounds of civility.

Read them when I wrote them.

That certainly makes you sound like the voice of reason in this argument /s

The 'uge problem with sexism is people using silly terms in serious discussions. Well worth mod noting someone for.

Your statements are so out of touch with practical reality that they can only be mocked. And now I go.


I don’t imply things. If I had intended to say “the crudity was worse because it was off topic”, then that would have been what it was that I said.

I went out of my way to give you cover for insulting me in a forum that doesn’t allow insults. But if you want to come out and just admit thats what you were doing, then fine.

Of course it makes sense.

I suppose you are welcome to try calling the industry that over in Factual Questions. Let me know what happens when you do.

And it is also the actual, factual name of the business. Using that name in the forum dedicated to factual answers is absolutely appropriate. Context matters.

“Breastaurants” is not a medical term.

Your experience is not representative.

It does, in context, IMHO.

You seem to be misunderstanding what it was that I’m saying. These boards can be unwelcoming without anyone getting upset. Casual misogyny and transphobia is more than enough for people to look at and go “these boards aren’t for me.”

For someone who trumpets “intellectual rigour”, you sure do make a lot of fallacious arguments, like this classic false choice. I can, and do, address serious sexism, both here and IRL. But I also have room to object to picayune shit like this.

How will I know you’ve left if you keep standing in the doorway telling me you’re leaving?

In other words you have no evidence but you can speculate.

Your experience is very different to mine. Every woman I know would happily use the term “breastaurant” particularly in terms of putting such restaurants down. They’d think it was funny and sarcastic. They are people of substance. They don’t have a hissy fit over a silly word.

And they’d think a bunch of guys arguing that the term was sexist to the point of requiring sanction was laughable.

What about the woman who’s said she doesn’t like the term and agreed with @Banquet_Bear that it was the “literal embodiment of objectification” ? Was she also throwing a “hissy fit”? Is she not a person of “substance”?


…I’m evidence. I left here when openly transphobic posts were allowed to be posted without sanction. That has changed substantially for the better now. I don’t think the damage will ever be fully undone. But the boards are in a much better place now than they were just a few years ago.

And how many women would that be exactly? And how would we even test this? Anecdotes aren’t data. And speculative anecdotes based on your assumptions of what they would say to you are even worse.

It was a mod-note. About as weak a “sanction” as you could possibly get. I mean seriously:

“While the content of this post is on-topic, the tone isn’t so great. There are plenty of less crude ways of conveying the same point, including the term “theme restaurant” used by the OP. Who already stated that this isn’t one.” is barely a sanction by any standards.

And this thread isn’t just “a bunch of guys arguing” over the term.

I’m just wondering if the women who actually work there knowing they are hired for certain assets beyond serving ability would be offended by the term “breastaurant”.

Every aspect of your post is incorrect as far as I’m concerned. I am not “offended”. I don’t generally get offended by much. I would prefer this place wasn’t limited by noisy claims of offence from certain quarters.

[now I see you have deleted your post]

“Sure you were convicted on the basis of nothing, but hey you only got a month in jail, what’s the problem?”

Do you even irony, bro?

Are any of the women members of this board? Ghod knows we’ve chased away a large amount of those that identify as female, but just so long as there is a possibility that females you might know would be o.k. with those crude terms that more than makes up for it, right?

…there are women in this thread who can explain their experiences on these boards. There have been multiple threads explaining why many felt unwelcome here, and all of that has lead us to where we are now. This isn’t about me. You don’t have to believe or trust a word that I’ve said. Go listen to what they have said.

What does this even mean? Nobody went to jail. Somebody very politely got told that using a couple of phrases was inappropriate for Factual Questions. That’s it.

Constantly insulting people that have different opinions to yours isn’t going to change my mind. I’m not “clutching at pearls.” Nobody else is in this thread either.

Telling me there are pearl clutchers in this world isn’t going to change my mind. I already knew that.

Wow. That wasn’t a mischaracterization of what I said. I didn’t say it was OK or not-OK no matter what you want to imply. I just think the people that may or may not feel dehumanized by the term should have their opinion matter and not yours or mine.

We’ve chased away huge numbers of people of every sort.

Don’t see too many Trump supporters around here, do you? Oh, better tone down the stuff they get offended by.

That’s an extreme example but in principle people getting offended by things that don’t make sense is not the yardstick I would prefer to apply around here. Maybe I’m alone.

[I suspect Czarcasm meant to reply to me?]