Chuck Todd is the undertaker of democracy

The problem I have is that he is palpably and visibly afraid of conservatives, and conservatism. I think he’s a mainstream democrat basically. And when Dems appear on the show he is eager to demonstrate his fairness by questioning them hard. After all it’s his job.

But his strategy is also to cower at the thought of the conservatives who have gotten into his head, all the time. He is always balancing and spinning and stretching himself so that his show works “both ways.” But conservatives are not playing with others well on his show and he seems to have no guardrails or self knowledge about it.

He is always placating and making room for his colleague Hugh Hewitt, and making it so they can all have comity on the set. But at a certain point with a certain set of public facts it becomes absurd. They have pushed the overton window on ths guy so far he has forgotten who he is. He has Steve Scalise in his head. Think about it.

The main point I want to make out of it is that the both sideism is a religion on the show, and a matter of ultimate faith. If that is the case then it’s the allowing of Republicans on the show, to LIE, and let them spin away and normalize it, that is the sacrilege and sin. Chuck will not let Dems do that on his watch. He has his standards you know.

Yes, Chuck Todd sucks, and I think you’ve nailed it as to why. That Hugh Hewitt isn’t laughed out of the studio by NBC is one of the best examples of the network’s flaws – he’s just a terrible analyst, bad at anything except parroting WH talking points or rationalizing Trump stupidity.

Hugh Hewitt? That asshole? No shit? Don’t watch Chuckie Cheese, so didn’t know, but damn!

I used to love Meet The Press. I used to love Meet The Press.

And the guy he replaced was David Gregory, who is married to Martha McCallum. I wonder a lot about that marriage. He has to know how toxic her career is.

I forgot about Gregory! I was remembering the days of Tim Russert.

I think you’re mistaken. I believe he is married to Beth Wilkinson.

I liked Chuck Todd. This doesn’t seem like something he would do. I guess I’ve not been paying close enough attention lately.

He lets Republicans say the wrongest shit, and only barely calls them on it. With the exception of “Alternative facts”. He called Kellyanne Conway out immediately after she used the phrase. But that’s the exception.

Yeah, Todd has been coasting on that retort to Kellyanne Conway for years, now. ‘See, I’m hard on conservatives, too!’

No. No, you’re not, Chuck. Not even a little bit.

Just wish he was more objective like Rachel Maddow. Michael Moore is pretty even-handed, too, in my estimation.

The only TV news I watch is occasional YouTube clips; I’d hardly heard of any of these newsmen until recently. I didn’t even know the name ‘Chuck Todd’ until I watched in amazement as Andrew Yang ran circles around him in an interview.

What is most striking about Chuck Todd is his utter stupidity. Call me sexist, but if he were female I’d ask who he’s blowing to have such a top job. As is, I’m baffled. I clicked on Wiki to confirm that the dolt lacks a college degree (though he’s an Adjunct Professor!)

While at Wiki I noticed this:

Wow, I don’t find Maddow objective at all.

Agree that Todd is not a great interviewer, and that a big part of the problem is his unwillingness to rein in conservatives. I remember watching him interview Ted Cruz at one point and Cruz was like a runaway train which Todd couldn’t or wouldn’t stop.

Best MSNBC interviewers (my wife watches a LOT of the shows) are Katy Tur and Chris Hayes, for my money.

I think you were whooshed just there by elucidator.

Yes, Chuck Todd is afraid of conservatives, just like most liberal talking heads. The problem is the liberal platform is based on not offending anyone.

Yep. That’s why we’re all being so quiet about Trump, not wanting to hurt his feelings. And all the liberals here are so nice to the conservative posters.

The platform is just against punching down. We can punch up and sideways all we want.

Against punching down? They’re afraid to punch at all, not to mention if you are going to punch it doesn’t matter which direction you go, another flaw in the philosophy.

This forum does not represent liberals in the real world, it’s just another place where they can take anonymous potshots at conservatives before going out in the real world to cower.

Don’t look at me. I do my part.

True this.

In Michigan, the Trump hooligans are out marching on state building in protest of being asked to save their own lives and of those of their fellow human beings. And to add drama, they bring out their racist confederate and nazi flags and guns. Because they can!

In nearly 4 years of Trump and the endless list of malfeasance by the fat orange assclown and his crony administration, when was the last time we saw an honest to goodness organized RESIST! rally? Trump hasn’t stopped holding his fascist pep rallies since he took office. The progressives had one rally with some pink hats and nearly got themselves into a bitch slapping contest over it. It’s fucking embarrassing to be a liberal sometimes.

You’re not alone, but there’s no excuse for the majority of news people who are willing to put the screws to interviewees on the left and play softball with the right wingers. For one thing, they know those right wingers won’t even agree to an interview if they get pressed on the facts. It’s no surprise to me when their approach to countering Fox news is to water their own down beyond recognition. What kind of journalistic integrity is involved in putting Trump on TV daily with commercial free campaign rallies under the guise of Corona virus coverage, or any other reason. Trump is a proven liar of enormous proportions. Nothing he says can be accepted at face value, any statement he makes that has a factual basis is part of a bigger lie, there is no reason to air or print his words except in their refutation.