chula, you are an ass of truly astronomical magnitude

Reference thread

For those of you who don’t care to read the whole thing, it’s a thread started by Airman Doors, USAF, in which he states:

A: He believes that war with Iraq is the correct course of action, but he is no longer going to argue it here on the boards.

B: He is concerned because he will likely see service in the war

C: There is no middle ground in the arguements as there should be, to quote:

D:He wishes that there was a way to resolve the Iraq situation without war, he just dosen’t see how that can be done

E: He’s going to spend more time with his family before he has to leave

Now, the replys from people have been pretty much what you’d expect; gratitude at his willingness to serve, respect for the demands of the service, well wishes.

Except for one reply. chula deems it necessary to stick his head out from under whatever bush he is currently poisoning with his presence and states:

chula: Fuck you. I know your type. I bet if you’d been around in 1973, you’d be spitting on servicemen returning from Vietnam and bragging about it the next day. You are the lowest form of scum, gleefully abusing the freedoms that people just like Airman Doors guaranteed with their blood. Don’t like the war? Fine, that’s your right. Protest all you want with the other appeasement advocates. Write your congressperson, vote for the other guy, write a long diatribe for NPR, I don’t care, but when you cross the line to insulting the men and woman who put their lives on the line for your freedom, well, you and I are going to have words.

You, sir, are a vile excuse for a human being. Airman Doors is doing his duty, in service to the country he loves, willing ( but certainly not eager) to lay down his life for his wife, his son, his country and even for you, you putrescent pretext of a human. How dare you? HOW DARE YOU???I sincerely hope that at some point, hopefully in the not to distant future, you take a trip and find yourself in an area of the world where you are imprisioned and tortured for the “crime” of being who you are. Maybe you should look into that? There are all kinds of fools willing to travel to the Middle East to demonstrate the “peaceful intentions of the American people”, I think you should go! I am sure everyone will be impressed as all get out right up until the time they throw your sorry ass in the local hoosegow. The really sad part is that Airman Doors would risk his life to rescue you in that situation, should the government decide that you were worth it. I certainly hope that they don’t.

Until then, you haven’t earned the right to insult the brave servicemen and women who protect your cowardly ass each and every day, sometimes at the cost of their own. Jackass.

Why can’t we just resolve things peacefully?
What a jerk, though.

I get a sad feeling in my heart every time I see this kind of thread.

I came from the Viet-Nam era as well, I didn’t serve because at the time I took my physical I was on crutches with a broken leg.

I saw some of my friends come back from the war scarred,both physically and mentally, only to a bunch of anti-war assholes.

My problem is this: You indeed have the right to say whatever you want. You have the right to burn our flag, (however you might find someone that WILL take exception!)

Remember this! If it weren’t for our brave men who have fought and died for this country you WOULD NOT have that right!

Go to Baghdad and burn an Iraqui flag on the town square? You would die an instant death! I can assure you!

Go ahead and berate our government all you want. Do it in any other government than our own and you will be tried for treason in a kangaroo court!

There’s one in every thread.

Sorry… NO offense to aussies or kangaroos…
It’s an american sports term for rigged courts in locker rooms and such that the out come is established beforehand and is a complete farce. Usually to make fun of the guilty party.

Actually, while this term originated in the United States, you can take the word of this Aussie that we are well aware of its use, and that no-one will take offence.

From an off line Christian science monitor article:

Distributing ignorance is and trying to shut down dissent is much worse than that so called insult by chula.
IMO that was something uncalled for, but I would not call it an insult.

But what about Kangaroo Jack? Will they take offense to that?

Wow. You can figure out all that about me from 18 words? You obviously know nothing about me, so I won’t dignify your random accusations with responses. It’s funny how Americans who don’t own passports think everyone else in the world is constantly being tortured and that those things don’t go on here.

Here’s the situation: Airman voluntarily signed up for the military and fully supports attacking Iraq. I say I wish he felt otherwise. Where’s the insult?

P.S. I’m a woman.

I saw the preview and that was MORE insulting that anything I have ever seen!! :slight_smile:

Hi chula! Maybe it was not the right thread to bring that up, but looking at what you say, I see there was no insult.

I own a passport.

Airman Doors said he supports the war on Iraq because although he would prefer a peaceful solution, he dosen’t think one is possible. You say he just wants to use his weapons to harm people. That’s insulting, even if you don’t care to admit it.

Have you used it to go to any of those countries where everyone gets tortured all the time? :smiley:

Most assuredly. Looks like one of the worst movies in history.

I honestly don’t see the problem with chula here. She said nothing insulting or derogatory towards Airman. I’m an American, I support the idea of the war…but I wish it could be otherwise, too. Which is all she said: “Too bad you don’t think otherwise.” So, she doesn’t support the war effort. Plenty of Americans don’t, too. American opinion does not equal World opinion, so get off your high horses already.

No, Chula didn’t say that. That’s your own twisted interpretation of it.

And even if OP doesn’t admit it, he is trying to shut down dissent.

I have indeed come from a country were I could have been tortured for having a different point of view. As an American citizen I worked for military contractors and have relatives in the Navy.

Now does that means that I have the right to insult our soldiers? Actually even though the OP says I could, I think that is still an idiotic point. Yes, Dissent does not have to be insulting. chula sounds off base only because it could have been the wrong thread to wring that up, but I think the OP is barking up the wrong tree on this one.

I think it is more cowardly to follow the lead of the right wing on trying to shut down dissent and pretend that that is what America is.

Who is the Jackass here?

Having weighed in with comments on “kangaroo court” and “Kangaroo Jack,” i should do the OP the courtesy of actually responding.

I must say that i am finding it hard to understand the vehemence directed at chula on this thread. While i see how some might (with a long stretch) infer from her post the idea that Airman Doors is some sort of sadist just looking for war, i really don’t think that was the intention. She was simply lamenting the fact that someone who has signed up for the military and thus, by definition, expressed a willingness to fight, does not, in her opinion, demonstrate a similar willingness to continue with dialog. Some might even see Airman Doors’s decision to give up talking and start fighting as a metaphor (or is it metonym? It’s very late) for the US government’s attitude.

I don’t want to speak for chula here - she can do that perfectly well herself - but it seemed to me that her post was actually quite similar to a common pacifist position. That is, that all killing is wrong, and that anyone who expresses a willingness to kill, even in war, bears a certain moral stain. While such a position leaves one condemning all members of the armed forces in a rather indiscriminate manner, it is really little different from those pro-war folk who lump all anti-war protesters into a single, reviled category.

I’ve heard you rant before about people “abusing their freedoms” by speaking out against war. Thank goodness that we have the Constitution to protect us from censors like you. You are the one who is not showing respect for the very freedoms that Airman Doors will be defending. But have a hissy fit if it suits you…it’s your right.

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind…War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.”
– John F. Kennedy

And you obviously know nothing about Airman Doors, USAF, yet you feel fully adequate to judge him. Fuckin’ hypocrite.