I'm tired of arguing.

This whole war thing has me in knots.

I believe we are doing the right thing, I try not to be insulting, and for my troubles I get shouted down and called all kinds of things that nobody would ever think of calling me otherwise. I lose my temper sometimes, but on the whole I think I’ve been at least reasonable.

Further, I know that I’ll be going over there sometime, so debating the war is an exercise in futility since it won’t make any difference with regard to the eventual outcome or my future disposition.

Therefore, I will no longer make any effort to argue the merits of this war. It is exhausting to see the same arguments put forth over and over again on both sides with no end in sight and no purpose behind the arguing.

In fact, I think it might be time for a break from posting for me. I’m clearly taking this to heart a bit too much since it will soon be directly affecting my life. I’m gonna have to think about this for a while.

Part of my problem, I think, is that I tend to see things as black and white, and they are usually gray. It’s very frustrating to me when I see people saying stuff like “You’re either with us or against us”. I’ve never said that, or if I did I can’t imagine why I did, because we’re all Americans and our opinions should matter, as should the opinions of foreigners. This whole thing is polarized so incredibly that there really isn’t any middle ground, when there really should be.

So, should we go to war? My opinion is yes. Others say no. Do I wish this war could be averted with a satisfactory result? Yes. Others, again, say no. Those are my opinions, and they’re here for all to see and criticize and mock and support or whatever. But I will no longer get involved in a contest to see who can shout the loudest. They solve nothing.

I think I’m gonna go spend some quality time with my family while I can, rather than see if I can shout really loud, because right now I’m just plain hoarse.

Hey, some of us love you, Dave, and are grateful for your defense of our nation.

Airman Doors I love peace and hate war. I think this current war is ill advised and possibly unjust. Yet, I am there with you. Do your duty and hold your head high, there is no higher honor than fighting for your country.

I wish you the best and hope for your safe return should you be sent over there.

Strangely, I have found myself to be anti-war and pro-military. After all, it’s the polticaians that decide to go to war.

That, my friend, is true wisdom. Go enjoy your family, but remember to come back when you’re ready.


No you’re not.


(Just kidding.)

Love your family, do your duty, come back safely, and if we need to argue about whether it was a good idea or not your voice will be one I’ll be looking for.

I support you, Airman Doors, and your fellow members of our armed forces. You men and women are willing to do stuff many of us would be unwilling or unable to do. You have my greatest respect.

I hope it’s clear I was making a Monty Python joke.

The very best of luck to you. And what everybody else said. Except Forbin. :wink:

Arguing is a lot less harmful than fighting with weapons. Too bad you’re not tired of the latter.

that_darn_cat said it better than I could, but Airman Doors, I have tremendous respect for you and all those who choose to defend this country. I would love to see this war averted, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. As a result, young men and young women will die, and I hate that idea. I hope you do come home safely and that you and Ms. Robynn have a long and happy life together and watch that son of yours grow into the neat human being he’s bound to become with parents like you. Remember true courage is being scared out of your gourd and doing what needs to be done anyway. I’ve no doubt you’re capable of doing whatever you have to do, although I’d prefer you not be scared out of your gourd while you’re doing it! I realize you may not see this, but my thoughts are with you.


While I am disagreeing with you re. a war on Iraq at this stage, I do not think lightly of the sacrifices military personnel make to make this world a better place. Whether now is the time to strike is up for debate: not your credentials as an Airman, mr. Doors. I respect your job and the stability it can potentially bring. The rest is politics, and debate. Rock on.

Airman Doors, though I don’t think you know me, but I am aware of you. I read your contributions to the Pit threads, and I do feel for you. I also have an untold level of respect for someone who is willing to put their lives at risk, motivated by a sense of right.

Furthermore, if you are privy to intelligence that we’re not, then it must be immensely frustrating for you. But can you see it from our perspective? We don’t trust the evidence presented to us, the wider global public. Most of it has been discredited or ambiguous. And something else seems to stink: in order to prevent or resolve the current NATO crisis, why haven’t the highest channels of US and UK intelligence provided smoking-gun evidence to the highest channels French, Belgian, and German intelligence, in order to get them onside? Until such time as I see something more convincing, my opinions are formed by the evidence I have before me. Your word, for all that I respect it, isn’t enough.

But if you should have to go, my thoughts will be with you and your family.

cj and Coldie have said the important things better than I could, Doors, so I’ll just second them. You know I think highly of you and our other military Dopers, regardless of whether the US should pursue this particular military action at this particular time.

As far as arguing is concerned, my solution is to simply stay out of GD and political Pit threads when I don’t feel like arguing. I started off here in GD, but that didn’t mean I had to always be a debater. There’s no need to stay away from the board as a whole, just to avoid debate.

chula, that was most uncalled for. It may take two to fight, but it only takes one to conquer. In this world at least, resisting evil sometimes requires strength, and because that is so, it always requires some degree of preparation to use that strength if evil should come knocking at the door.

In the military Dopers I know - and Doors is one of those - I don’t see anyone who desires fighting for the sake of fighting. But they love their country, they believe in freedom, and are willing to put their lives on the line for both if necessary. This is to be respected, not sneered at.

I think most people appreciate the work done by our military. Don’t let the snide remarks made by one or three posters give you the impression that your dedication and service to the U.S. is not important.

I believe you are held in high regard here.

Your service and sacrifice is what makes it possible for us to express our disapproval and dissent.
Take care of yourself.

So if you wanna spend more time with your family, why are you upstairs sleeping? :wink: :smiley:

::MsRobyn runs as fast as she can into the next county::

Seriously, I know that you are making a lot of sacrifices for your job, and by extension, for your country (which includes me and Aaron). I know that you want to go NOW, because going means you’re coming home soon, and you’re sick and tired of this holding pattern. And I don’t blame you.

So, remember that I love you, and Aaron loves you, and don’t think for a minute that I could transfer my politics into a disrespect for what you do.


[sub]Note: For those who may not know, I am Mrs. Doors.[/sub]

So, are you saying you guys actually disagree on this?
Wow, that ought to make for some spirited dinner table conversation. :slight_smile:

I certainly support our troops.

I think people have a right to protest the war, but if the decision is made that we do go to war, the nation should stick together and support our government and military.

It is important for the morale of our fighting men and women.

I’m sure you don’t know me either, but I’ll miss seeing you around here, so please come back when you are ready.

Thank you for being willing to put your life on the line for the good of our country and for my safety and freedom. You are making a sacrifice that I and others would probably only make under compulsion or only when we personally felt threatened. I am grateful for you and all military personnel. I hope that our government will not spend your lives needlessly.

If or when you must go, I pray that you will return safely to your family.