I'm tired of arguing.

She and I agree on very little, and anything we do agree on usually requires about three days of on and off debate. It’s how we find our middle ground.

And yet, for all that, We treat each other with the utmost respect, and part of our relationship (one of the best parts) is that we ARE so different.

So yes, we simply don’t agree on this. Funny, I know.

I think what this is about is saying what a lot of people wanted to say. I’m not trying to stifle debate, I’m not trying to make myself seem big, I’m just trying to get a break from the escalating antagonism as a result of this war stuff. I’m going one way or another, and being enraged at people isn’t going to help me one bit when I’m doing my job.

Incidentally, I’ve said this before, but if anything, I am responsible for saving lives than anything else. Now, before you jump on this and call it crap, read this. I think that, more than anything else, explains why I am so disgusted with the “murderer” rhetoric being hurled at me. It simply isn’t true. And even without that, the inflammatory remarks being hurled are even making Coldfire sick. I’ve simply chosen not to participate anymore.

Thank you everyone for your support, although in the long term, Robin and Aaron need it more than I do. I hope you think of them in the future, because they’re the ones having to endure a possible long separation without even knowing when it’ll start. She’s a wonderful, loving wife and mother, and she needs all the help she can get coming up here.

We’re close enough that we’ll be there if she needs us. Now, go do your job. I like you, Dave, even if you are a Steeler Fan.

Doors, don’t give up the fight. Too damn many people think that the military’s made up of a bunch of ignorant, drooling baby-killers. You’ve always been a rational, intelligent poster, in contrast to some.

The problem is that this is an emotional issue for folks. They don’t think before they open their mouth to spew hatred on those who disagree with them (this occurs on both the pro- and anti-war sides). If people could just leave their emotions out of it, and discuss the issues rationally, then we’d all be better off.

I, along with many other Dopers, are glad that you’re not only serving our country, but that you’re here posting as well.

Be at peace with your choices and beliefs, Airman. Good luck, and godspeed.

Whaddaya mean, “even”? :slight_smile:

It’s somewhat funny that you and your wife disagree about the war, but it must make it harder on her as well to see you go. Good luck to her, and you.

Howdy Airman

Just wanted to say, while we rarely see eye to eye I ALWAYS respect what you have to say and how you carry yourself.

I am a peacenik from way back.

In my heart somewhere I know that ultimately the decision to go to war or not, simply must lie with those willing to go.

Those not in the fray are certainly entitled to their opinions, but when push comes to shove I gotta believe we must defer to those willing not only to do the job but burden the weight of the decision.

I respect the choice you have made.


I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Thanks Airman. I am thankful for you and all the men and women like you everyday.

Just wanted to add my thanks and best wishes, Airman. I will be thinking of you, MsRobyn and ** BabyDoors** in the days to come. God speed!

Thank you, Airman Doors and I wish you safe passage throughout your deployment.

One of the ironies of your position is that you fight to defend a system of government that allows others to criticize. While I grit my teeth at some things that are said, as I’m sure you do also, we wouldn’t have it otherwise, and cannot maintain it without the dedicated service of persons like yourself.

Be well, Sir, and return safely. ::Salute Smiley::

Having served in the military myself, I’m familiar with the military mindset, and I have nothing but respect, in general, for people who serve. Reasons, attitude, and perceptions may vary among them, but they all pretty much stand up to do what they thing is right by their nation, and regardless of the faults some may perceive, military personnel should be treated well.

Hope you come back safe, Airman, should you have to go.

It’s pointless and unfair to argue pro/anti war with a person serving in the military. The folks making the decisions are far away from the argument, and they don’t care what I think. The actual soldiers, sailors, flyers, and their families have my respect, my support, and my prayers. That has nothing to do with my feelings about the politicians.

Frankly, I’m tired of arguing about it too. Mostly because, like you Airman Doors, I see the futility in doing so. Those in leadership positions in this country are making the decisions. I disagree with some of those decisions, and I agree with others, but in the end it doesn’t matter either way. Though it’s frustrating to think this way, as an American, I’m realistic enough to know that my individual opinion means next to nothing at the decision-making level. So, I’m done arguing about it. It’s a tiresome exercise, and a waste of energy.

That said, though I disagree with our leaders, I recognize that most of the people serving in the armed forces are in the same position I am, with the important difference that the decisions that are made affect them more directly. They’re the ones to put their lives on the line, and they’re the ones whose families have to be apart for months at a time. They have as little say in the decisions as I do, and yet their lives can be forever changed as a result of those decisions… and this to protect the fact that my life will most likely continue with little change. It is, as I said, an important difference.

That difference means that I have a great deal of respect for you and those you serve with, Airman. When I have criticized the war effort in the past on this board, please be aware that I am in no way criticizing you or anyone you serve with. Quite the opposite; I appreciate very much what you have chosen to do, and I respect that sort of choice more than you know.

Spend time with your family, Airman, and enjoy it… you have more than earned it. As for myself, I plan to do the same.

And thank you. Truly.

I’d also like to add my gratitude and my best wishes for you and yours, Airman. I respect you for standing up for what you believe in, and for putting more on the line for those beliefs than most of us ever will.

It doesn’t have to be your job to convince other people. You’ve got your opinion, and they’ve got theirs. You’ve got a job that requires you to be a lot more personally involved in the final outcome than they do, that’s for sure. I think it’s probably a good thing that you see the arguments for war, because it’s be stressful for you to be deployed against your beliefs.

As others have said, I do hope you and your colleagues realize that even those who do not support the war do support the troops. I’m not very happy about the prospect of war, but I’ve adopted a soldier who is deployed in Kuwait–guess that makes me exhibit A.

Airman Doors,
I’ve read many of your posts with interest.

This might be one of your best.

I am the only prior-service U.S. Marine in my family- of those that served, most were former Airforce personnel.

I hope that qualifies me to give you a virtual “Hand Salute” and a hearfelt wish of goodluck and safe return.
Stranger OUT

Thank you for standing strong for our country. Please rest your spirit for a bit and enjoy your time with MsRobyn and Aaron.

from a teary mom of an Airman 1st Class

I do not support this war. I do not support the president’s actions. When we finally do go to war, I will be just as against the war as I am now. Do NOT insinuate that this somehow means that i don’t appreciate the sacrifice that our troops make for us, or their defense of our nation.

Let’s see, what did post about Flymaster? (checks post)

Why, absolutely nothing! Buh-bye now, thanks for playing.

So long as you’re doing what you believe in, thats all that matters.

Rock on babe.

Ok then, I misinterpreted. I apologize.