"Church of the Nativity"

This thread isn’t about the morality of involving a holy place in a conflict, it’s about the bias the media has towards it. They refer to it as “the place Jesus was born”. Excuse me? There isn’t conclusive proof that Jesus even existed, let alone was born in Bethlehem. And I’m supposed to believe that they’ve figured out the exact spot he was born? Newscasters refer to someone who was caught redhanded as an “alledged perpetrators” or “suspect”, but talk about myths and fables thousands of years old as if they were settled issues. Okay, sometimes they say that it’s the place where “according to Christian tradition” Jesus was born, but even that is implying that there is actually a reason to think he ws actually born there.

That’s 'cause God can’t sue ;).

Although He does preside over the ultimate court of last resort.

And Ryan, they also refer to Jerusalem as the city where Mohammed took his night-trip to Heaven. It’s called being respectful. I know, you’re totally ignorant on that subject.

No one is hurt by the media being respectful of people’s religious beliefs. That scum like you are upset just shows that they’re in the right in the first place.

You’re not listening to NPR - they do say “alledged to be the place…” and such language.

Kirk, I’m happy to see that you’re in Texas and very far away from me.


Jeezus (no pun intended).

And apparently you’re woefully ignorant and disresepctful of other people’s beliefs, or lack of beliefs in a mythical place such as the Church of the Nativity.


All the reporting I have seen on the matter has said something like “according to Christian tradition.”

As for implying there is a reason to think he was born there…I know nothing about the matter, but I assumed there was probably some reason for thinking that. Do you have knowledge to the contrary? I am not a Christian, but I do believe there was a historical person named Jesus behind the stories. He had to be born somewhere, right?

And Kirkland…“scum”? Where did that come from?

The Church of the Nativity doesn’t appear to be a myth.
Now, as to whether the Nativity itself is a myth…

Robb, what I meant was the “Myth surrounding the Church of the Nativity”.

Not that I question the Churches existence.


Yeah, I think the reports I heard on the news mention Christian tradition. The whole point of mentioning this is to signal that this is a significant event because the church (the building) occupies a special place in the hearts of some Christians. When you think about it, it balances out the reports of Sharon’s act some 18 months ago: he visited the synagogue that shares ground with the Dome of the Rock, a perhaps inflammatory act (considering Sharon’s history) that was the excuse for the latest infitadeh.

everybody happy now?

I’m choking on the irony, here.

How is it that “they” know where Jesus was born but “they” don’t know where he died?

So as not to let Duck Duck Goose and grimpixie’s hard work to go to waste, you can find the answer to how the Church of the Nativity came to be in this thread. (Geeze, guys, I posted the question today in GQ! Get out of the Pit once and a while would ya?)

“They” DO know where he died-- at a spot marked as Golgotha in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre complex.
According to Christian tradition, of course.

History between posters. I’m not going to link to it, but I’ll say that although I wouldn’t have posted the way Kirkland did, I understand his feelings towards [sub]the ryan[/sub]. ::washing fingers after typing that name::

The Ryan has shown himself to be totally disrespectful of anyone who is different than him. Look at his gay-bashing posts, and now Christian-bashing posts. He’s a contrarian, and a dimwitted one at that. Let us all pray that the next time he crosses the street, he doesn’t bother to look both ways.

Believe what you want, but don’t ridicule the beliefs of Christians. I don’t go around starting posts attacking atheists, Muslims, Jewish folks, or other religious groups. But I won’t stand by while an irritating, arrogant asshole who goes around playing semantic games while attacking gays, and then turns around and pisses all over the religious faith of others.

Look at the Ryan’s posts. His disreputable nature speaks for itself.

Geez, Ryan look what you’ve stepped in. :wink:

I’m curious as to what the Ryan’s posts in other threads have to do with this thread. Some people would say that if you have such a high degree of dislike for a poster, you could just ignore threads that they start, rather than coming into one that they have started and dishing out name-calling without it really being warranted. Others might say that it reflects more on you than the person you are attacking when you behave this way.