Church's Chicken Jalapenos. How to make?

Got an urge for fried chicken the other night. So, swing by Church’s Chicken and get some. And get some of their jalapeno peppers.

Now, I am somewhat of a pepper fan, so I will admit these fast food peppers come up sort several ways. But I guess it is kinda of like a really good homemade hamburger on a grill vs a dollar menu burger. They are so different that they are aren’t even the same food item.

So, what do Church’s , Popeyes, and a few of those other chains DO to these jalapenos to make them the way they are?

My guess is that they brine them, then boil them in a strong vinegar solution. Though maybe they just keep them in a hot warehouse for a decade or two before selling them.

Any ideas?

Would like to make large batches of this “style” myself I think.

How do they compare to pickled jalapenos or jalapenos in escabeche?

They are pickled in a way. But they are very mild, and the “tissue” seems very bloated and rather soft, nearly mushy actually.

Is this a regional thing?

Because I’ve never seen or heard of a grocery store where you couldn’t buy these things in a can or jar.

Never been there, but from that description they could be roasted or cooked in the oven for a few mins, then pickled.

Try the pickled jalapeños that come in a can rather than the ones in the jar. The canned ones have that soft and bloated texture.

Shoot, I thought this might be a chicken jalapeno popper* of some sort. Not just a plain old peck of pickled peppers.

*hmmm… I wonder?

I was thinking that myself. Church’s has chicken jalapenos? That sounds awesome. But, alas, no.

Anyhow, they should be easy to make. I make something called dragon turds every once in awhile (usually on a grill), using leftover pulled pork or chorizo, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use the meat of your choice, and shredded chicken would work fine.

Mmmm ,that ideas do sound tasty.

Thanks for the input guys. The ones in jars just don’t seem the same. Now, I haven’t tried whole ones in cans so might look into that. And somebody else suggested trying those really big cans they sell at Megalowmart. And, yeah, some baking first might do it as well.

Thanks again.

What is in the brine?