CIA Network Captured in IRAN

In my humble opinion I think the US should seize the opportunity to make things as grizzly as possible with Tehran. These men are enemies of the US as well as Israel and we should not tolerate any hostage or prisoner taking. They are state sponsors of Al Queida and terrorism worldwide, and honestly it wouldn’t suprise me if they’re not receiving nuclear technology from N. Korea. We should push as hard as they are. We need to remember we are bigger than they are, \

Chief White Sr

Mind posting a link to what you’re talking about?

Could you provide a cite for Shia Iran’s sponsorship of Sunni Al Qaeda (as opposed to Shia Hezbollah)? There may be links, but I’d like to know what they are.

Not that I think the Iranian regime is a very nice bunch of theocratic despots, but if you’re going to make nasty, at least let us know that your reasoning is correct.

ETA: your poll choices exclude a host of subtle and not-so-subtle middle choices. I hope you’re not a politician.

*<googles> *Presumably this.

Oh, please. Do you really think that any nation is going to accept the idea that they aren’t allowed to arrest spies?

OK, found a link about the OP’s thread.

Clearly every sovereign nation, however unpleasant, is going to mash up any spy rings it finds in its midst, and fair play to them. IMO, this is no extra reason to be annoyed with the regime. There are plenty of reasons to dislike it anyway.

By the way, OP, what does the acronym IRAN stand for?

Closing thread. I suggest you reopen this thread sans poll in Great Debates.