I keep reading about a "prisoner swap" with Iran. Who were the Iranians?

See subject. It’s weird–if ever a question was begged, this is it. If they’re super-secret moles revealing something horrible about CIA, or whatever, I think somebody must have asked and been given some answer, no matter how bland. Did I miss it?

Iran’s state media says that they were 7 men held on ‘sactions related charges’, and names them. ABC has an article that looks at each individual.

Thank you. It wasn’t in the newspaper of so called record.

Yes it was.

Thank you for that as well. My apologies; I could have done a bit of research.

The Iranians prisoners were spies who deserved to spend decades in jail for daring to mess with the USA. The Americans in Iran were all unjustly imprisoned freedom fighters.

I agree. It was a “hostages” for concessions deal, not prisoners.

In the end, the designated US prisoners stayed in the US. By their own preference.

I can’t tell if that’s satire or if you’re serious. Violating sanctions is not exactly “spying,” and some US corporations have been caught doing the same (e.g. HP exporting printers to Iran through offshore subsidiaries). Though illegally exporting military technology is arguably “spying”…